What happened to nofollow tag google?

Few months back Google had announced about nofollow tag and of course their own site was on the list to have nofollow tag added to the links

But today when I checked a blog on blogger, it seems that they have forgotten their own words…

I posted comment on a blog and chose option “other” where you have to enter name and web page…

So out of curiosity I just checked the source code and voila…they missed the nofollow tag haha..

So this means now I can easily spam on blogger haha 😛 kidding


  1. I use blogger and have received spams in my comments links plenty. In fact, on once occasion, there were as many as 130 for a post. I had to disable the comments for a couple of days.
    Just so you know…

  2. I also use blogger, and comment on blogspot, but whenever I checked the Source code HTML ,, the nofollow tag was there.

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