Google Messenger (Google Talk) Arrives

Much awaited Google messenger, Google Talk released today, it runs on Jabber server so you can connect to Google talk server using softwares like GAIM and Trillian also…

It allows connecting to people with gmail email ids only….

New York times was the first to announce that Google is coming up with the messenger service called Google Talk today (Wednesday, 23rd Aug, 2005)

But before the release many guys tried to connect to Google talk server using GAIM and Trillian also, and it worked for them…so that made it sure that Google is going to release Google talk…

Checkout article about it on Neowin and blog post on Thousand Robots


  1. hi,
    yes tried it n as i am a fanatic i was rili lookin for a download link.
    well i ll see u on google msgr and hey i copied contents to my blog afterall thats how information spreads.

    and its a damn cute software.

  2. Everyone seems to be reviewing G!Talk. I also reviewed it at my blog.You can check that out.

    G!talk is just a little to basic for my liking at this moment.

  3. sandeep kaur mahal 05-Jun-2006 at 4:46 pm

    hi i am sandeep from punjab my age is 15 .i love u so much.i like u r voice so much.when u recieve this message connect me this numbe:-01884-250786.when u connect me i will chat with u online.i feel i am so lucky in our world .himesh ji i love not broken my heart please love u love u

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