KBC 2..I am loving it…

Man this has become more interesting than India vs. Pakistan match….
I have almost stopped watching TV but I do not miss this show, KBC 2….it is just amazing…and I seriously clap when someone wins and feel sad when a good person looses…but after all it’s part of the game and it is real fun…


  1. Lol.. I too watch it but in TAMIL on Star Vijay. Here in chennai , we got CAS (thats sucks bigtimes) so no pay channels and only the local regional ones are aired.

    Deep, why dont you go and participate 😛

  2. hehe I prefer watching rather than participating coz I know I wont be able to answer so tough questions lol

  3. Ok, in that case we two can go… 😀
    Remember saif and preity? Lol we can donate the money to Raaabo and ask him to get license for vB 😛

  4. oh yes thats right, we both can go and give raaabo 10,000 rs for forums and skin…

    we wil give 1 crore to Mr Amitabh Bacchan for aksing easy questions and will keep rest 90 haha

    btw about favicon..I dont need actually so havent kept it…


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