No Entry – A Laughter Riot

I watched the movie No Entry today and I must say it is 100% worth watching…I don’t mind watching it twice also…

I haven’t seen such a comedy movie after “Hungama” and the best part in this movie was, it was plain comedy…they haven’t used any vulgar stuff to make people laugh…you can go with a kid to watch the movie where, for movies like “Kya Kool Hai Hum” or “Masti”, you have to think twice…

The story revolves are 3 married friends (1 gets married in post interval) and their wives…Anil Kapoor was just great…

You can checkout movie review on rediff


  1. hehee, incidently I too have watched both those films and couple of others between tht interval.Not much of a movie guy, but have to say ‘No entry’ was good enough considering the fact I din expect much from the movie. I just hope that we were not watching the movie in the same hall same show same screen :-p

  2. haha possible, i watched it at R-Adlabs…i think it was 745PM show..

    btw going for the same tmrw also 😉 friend’s b’day so she is taking all for that movie 😉


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