1. Dinesh J. Karia 08-Oct-2005 at 1:28 am

    It is true that many browsers are free. May I have a word of your opinion! Does Opera compete with IE on Windows XP SP2? Thinking to learn networking concept better by means of practice, I installed Red Hat Linux (PCQuest 2004). But it was very difficult to manage it. Besides, people said that Linux is free from virus attacks. But all my friends got one or the other virus from me when I mailed using Linux. Besides, no player in Linux played mp3. It was a nightmare to use Linux. Then I have become skeptic while trying new OS or new Browser. Could you opine?


    Dinesh Karia

  2. I am using opera for 2-3 years now…
    I like it very much because browsing it very fast, it supports tabs, it has button to disable images or display images from cache etc…

    and there are many other features which IE or firefox lacks..


  3. vow what a nice experience with Opera. I really liked it. Just a little right with right button of mouse and forward in no time? Just left and the Back in no time. Above all I am able to see UUnicode Gujarati in it and can type in Gujarati too.

    દિનેશ કારીઆ

    સરસ છે. આભાર

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