Coffee with Kishore

Listening to album Coffee With Kishore, a great collection of Kishore Kumar oldies….very nice songs…just can’t stop listening to them again and again…

It has become my 2nd favorite compilation album after Love Blooms (2 CD Pack)

If you are an old songs lover then you should definitely get this album


  1. Kishore rock and the music of those times still rock.

    They dont make music like Oh Hansini any longer…. earlier lyrics and vocals used to dominate now its the music… no lyrics and no good singers…

    where is the likes of kishore, rafi, mukesh, manna dey.. all gone and made indian film music poor.


  2. Have you heard about Legends? They have some compilations/sets of 5 CDs each. Each set costs about Rs. 1000. I have 6 of those – Mukesh, Mohd. Rafi, Kishor Kumar, Hemant Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. Its a pretty good collection. I guess my 5 CD sets would cover most of those songs.

    But I will recommend CDs of all male singers out of these. Asha Bhosle collection is pretty ordinary. Mohd. Rafi is the best.

  3. they are legends really ………..and are the god of the music.the most sensitve songs ever……. that are never to come in the future.the whole world still miss them and that sensitiveness of that moments in which they just drive us!hats off to them..specially kishore da

  4. Kishor Kumar surely was a great singer. Someone to sing so well without any formal training is truly remarkable God’s gift! In the legends CDs, I heard Ashok Kumar on the point. He said that while Kishor Kumar was very young, he got very badly hurt around his throat area and he cried a lot. But as the wound kept healing, his voice started getting better and better. It got “cleaned”!! Quite amazing!!

    As for Mohd. Rafi, he was a great singer too. I listen to his songs more than any one. I only disagree with his songs selection at times. But who knows? May be he needed to make money while he was popular 😉 In my opinion, these two were the most versatile male playback singers. Mukesh’s voice was more suitable for slow, sad and romantic songs.

  5. I’m quite agree with Mr. Ashish Mehta stating that Kishor da was a great singer. But what does it mean that Mohd. Rafi, was a great singer too. I’m surprised to see such words using for such a wonderful and most talented great/legendry play back singer of Bollywood in versatility. His voice quality is unmatchable till date and imparrellel if needs to be compared with any other singer and so far, I haven’t found his class. I feel very sad when someone, who doesn’t have much knowledge of sangeet, uses such words. Any guru of having good knowledge in Sangeet can say better but common men should not comment such remarks.

  6. Huh!! Did I criticse Mohd. Rafi?? What are you saying? You either did not read it properly or you don’t understand English!!

    And Mr. Bhatt, what do you know about my knowledge of music? Stop commenting on things that you don’t know about! I am not a guru in music, but I can play 4 musical instruments – keyboards, guitar, flute and mouth organ! So I have at least some sense of music. Come over some day to listen to what and how I play! 😐

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