1. That sounds really cool, but its only an interface in the language right now, no? Well, once they let people send/receive email in other languages, well, that would be pretty cool as well, I think that you can do that by setting the encoding settings as UTF8 but haven’t tried out yet.

    as I know of, only rediffmail & indiatimes-email allow email in indian languages.

  2. ok, so if you set the encoding for outgoing messages to UTF-8 in GMail settings, you can paste the Unicode text in the message box & send emails in non-english languages, I tested by sending Hindi & Japanese emails!! 🙂

  3. Shyam, prior to WindowsXP, windows wasn’t well equipped to handle Unicode. You’ll have to insert your Windows2000 CD in your CD-ROM & install support for asian languages which will also install Unicode fonts.

  4. how can i chat in hindi please tell me.

    or the person to whome i m sending the message how can he will see the message in hindi.

  5. I get and see Hindi font page in gamil.
    but how can I type in HINDI from ENGLISH keyboard ???
    please guide me here or send me in my gmail id.

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