MSN Messenger World’s Best App Content

MSN Messenger today announced competition for World’s Best App..all you have to do is, make an application using MSN Messenger Activity API and you can win prizes ranging from Alienware Aurora 7500 to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Pro

Checkout their official site for information on how to participate and rules.


  1. “The Contest is open only to information technology professionals who are at least 18 years of age and who are individual developer practitioners or authorized representatives of ISVs (inclusive of meeting all Contest-related eligibility and participation criteria) with knowledge and existing technology sufficient to create applications for use within MSN Messenger as of the commencement of the Contest Term. The Contest is not open to members of the general public.”
    Hmm, not entirely sure what that means, but I get the feeling everyday people can’t participate. Also couldn’t find the MSN Messenger API by following their links.

  2. Yes its not open to everyone..and the links to MSN Messenger Activity SDK are wrong on their site…

    the download link for the same is this


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