New Yahoo Mail Beta

Yahoo Launched Beta of their new mail interface, it looks like Outlook (You will see same kind of interface in Hotmail too) from the screenshots it looks pretty good, I am sure it is going to leave gmail way behind…

Checkout the review on it here on The unofficial yahoo weblog

I have subscribed to beta testing list, I hope I get chance to test it πŸ˜€


  1. doesnt work in opera? sucks.. πŸ™

    But I think we should wait for it to come into final version, since it is beta so it is highly possible that they might be testing it different browsers..


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  3. I had written about the lack of support for Opera in my blog.An Opera employee had seen it and said that he was hopefull that Opera v9 or merlin(with support for rich text) would hopefully support yahoo mail.But from his reply it seemed to me that Opera guys weren’t sure as none of them had a chance to test the new y!mail/

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