I am on Dual Xeon now :D

I bought new server couple of days back (Dual Xeon 2.4 GHz)…and that was only keeping me busy…was busy with configuring it and then shifting all 260 sites on it…I managed to shift all without any downtime 😉 but shifting took so much of time and in between that server got locked and was not letting me in… 🙁

Basically due to my stupidity only, this happened…I was copying backup files to “/backup” but by mistake few files got copied in “/root” and it became 100%…that’s all it wanted…it kicked me like a football…shadow password file got corrupted and nothing was working….so planet guys logged in locally and fixed it….

So finally everything is up and running…I will be busy for few more days I suppose, tomorrow one more new server is lined up…and then few projects to finish up…..aah..I need 48 hours in a day…

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  1. The Planet. wow!
    hey is there any place where somebody can have his servers. hehe. And if yes, why planet. Ask anyone n he has servers in planet only. 🙂

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