Directi trying to make quick bucks?

Money…that can make person do anything…they are even ready to put-up totally unrelated content on their site for money….I noticed it today the same kind of thing with Directi…

Directi has whole micro site for hotels in India…did you know that? Totally unrelated with their business, domains and hosting….

Check it your yourself… me it looks like total spam thing to earn some extra money…

Same applies for their other website, they have created a directory which is full of sponsor links, not even a single genuine link; now these links are related to their new search engine, the links point to affiliate links of…

Damn this is a big mess…and it sucks big time…


  1. Hi Deep,

    Thats a great find, btw how did you guess this link out > and also your reason for them being money minded proves them to be a great Indian (lol).

    But still I have been to serval times and noticed ads all overs and about this, looks like a kewl domain name and booked by them to earn another $$$ 😐 ?

    Thanks for the cool update about directi, may be someone from directi should notice about this 😉


  2. About my making quick bucks, yes I intend to earn money through adsense but I do not get involved in putting totally unrelated content for the sake of money 🙂

  3. Hey dude,
    It’s a cool finding but I don’t see anything wrong in that too. You can find similar instances on many other and quite reputed Web sites. Whatever DirectI guys doing are doing nothing more than making money, which is the only goal of any business. I agree with you to quite a little extent. As long as they are not harming anyone or stealing anyone else’s money, what’s wrong in having a SEPERATE subdomain for earning money?

  4. Hi Vikas,
    My main reason for this was, directi is hosting and domain related company and suddenly you see them doing totally different stuff on, which is no where related to hosting or domains.


  5. Hi Deep,
    Nice to see your quick reply. Since y’day I am aware that directi is hosing and domain service provider. See, they don’t use their domain for showing Hotel Site’s link, rather they have a seperate subdomain for it, which can be opened only if someone requires to open it. It doesn’t open as popup or sth, and is not being forcefully made to be visible before you. Anyone can park or show anything on their seperate subdomain.
    Consider if someone buys subdomain of directi from Directi, and pays a handsome amount for it, I don’t see any problems in that.

    As for, they don’t market their directory website, which is perhaps on parking. Anyone with enough technical and financial backup can do this with his own domain.

    Even if someone shows something like google ads, featured links, or sponsered links, many of the links are often completely irrelevant. Even I witnessed a Google Ads link to a site for making money online, in your blog even. It’s just the similar thing.
    So as long as they are using a seperate domain (a different URL) for showing unrelated website, in my view they are fair. Mind that I am not advocating them 🙂

    – Vikas

  6. Hi Vikas,
    I agree that everyone has right to earn and even I am earning from the ads displayed on the blog but what is hitting me is relevancy…

    But I agree with your point too…if they are not hurting anyone then I think they are right on their way too…..


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