Go Chappell Go…

Old days are back? It was time when Lala Lajpat Rai was the one who was against Simon commission and they used to go to streets with slogans “Simon Wapis Jaao” (Simon Go back) so in today’s world our Mr. Ganguly is trying to act like Lala Lajpat Rai and started Go Chappell Go movement…but the only difference is..Lala Lajpat Rai was fighting for the justice and our modern hero is fighting for nothing…just to get media focus and accomplish his own personal goals…

I wanted to write about this for long time but was not getting enough time but today finally decided to write something so that I can express all my anger in words…

Recently Indian cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly announced in the media that coach Greg Chappell asked him not to play the cricket for a while….and that’s all he wanted….everyone got excited about it….media people started firing questions at Chappell and Ganguly…Chappell wrote letter to BCCI about it, the letter leaked somehow (speculations point to Dalmiya camp for the leak)

I strongly believe that it is happening all because of politics in Indian cricket team and Dalmiya is trying sack Chappell with the help of Ganguly and his mates….

As far as I know (from the news and interviews) Chappell family is very well known for honesty…and a person like him cannot get into such dirty politics…whatever he said / done is good for the team so there is no chance of Chappell saying anything false in the letter.

Ganguly should have simple common sense that some things are good when kept private…there was no point in shouting in the press saying Chappell asked me to take rest..bloody hell he scored a century in one test that doesn’t mean that he is best and he can say anything in the press…

All he wanted was media attention..and he got it….players like Harbhajan supported Ganguly because they all are of same kind…i am 100% sure that these guys are also into match fixing…but everyone is clean because of their boss Dalmiya…

Today mid-day managed to get list of questions which will be asked to Ganguly and Chappell both in the BCCI meeting…and the questions clearly states that BCCI does not want Ganguly to go…they asked him very simple questions but the tough questions to Chappell..

I am quoting the same questions here again because I am afraid that the article will be removed from mid day website soon….

Questions for Sourav

• Did you tip off the press that it was Greg Chappell who had asked you to step down as captain?

• Who should have the final say in the playing 11: captain or coach?

• What do you think of Greg Chappell as a coach?

• What prompted both of you to create a wall between each other?

Questions for Greg

• Why did you send the email to three people � board president Ranbir Singh Mahendra, secretary SK Nair and joint secretary Gautam Dasgupta? (The purpose of this question is to find out who leaked the email.)

• Why did you send the email in the middle of the tour, when you knew the review committee would be meeting in Mumbai on September 27?

• How did you conclude that Ganguly was physically and mentally unfit in such a short time?

• How did the media find out that you had asked Ganguly to step down before the first Test in Harare?

• You called for a truce with Sourav Ganguly and even posed for pictures with him on September 18. On the same day you emailed the three board officials, criticising the captain.

• What prompted you to do this?

Now the main problem is, because of this fight the team has divided into 2 parts, some are on Ganguly side (Harbhajan, Yuvraj, Zaheer, Sehwag, Nehra, Balaji) so few will be Chappell side…

And recovering from this big mess is next to impossible to me…these new players don’t understand the real life and say anything get media focus…take harbhajan’s example..who the hell asked him to open his mouth in public? he doesn’t know that it stinks like hell…

Because of 1 guy, Ganguly whole team and cricket fans are suffering…

All for money, fame and dirty politics…

There should be strict rule that BCCI committee members should not be part of any political party and must be a former cricketer…that’s it…that might help us to save Indian team and improve us…if people like Sharad Powar are going to rule then nothing is gonna happen to Indian team…they will sack Ganguly and put their own man who can give them more money…

Dirty politics…just hate it….


  1. I am confused here. Who told you that Greg Chappell has integrity? Perhaps you do not pay attention to what happens in Australian sport. Greg Chappell is to Australia what Bishen Bedi is to India. He is outspoken, controversial, negative, and likes to cause problems. When Chappell coached South Australia in 1998-99 (his only first class coaching stint) he divided the team, and they finished last and 2nd last, forcing long term wonderful player Joe Scuderi to quit because he was criticised for playing for his native Italy in the off season. Greg Chappell fought bitterly with Rod Marsh and David Hookes, with disastrous results. Greg Chappell has been outspoken demanding for Mark Taylor to resign when he was out of form, and then demanding for Allan Border to quit after he officially resigned 4 times before finally leaving. Greg Chappell has criticised international teams, and been very negative, particularly of captains, AND THIS INCLUDES INDIA, AND ALSO INCLUDES SOURAV GANGULY. Sachin Tendulkar knows of this, which is why Tendulkar did not want Chappell to be coach, nor did Rahul Dravid. Ganguly was the only person who wanted Chappell as coach, and he was the one that pushed it. But I suspect that this was for his own personal reasons. Ganguly knew that Chappell has no integrity and he plays politics, so Ganguly I think hoped that Chappell would give Ganguly an easy ride and get rid of people who criticised him. But Chappell does not care about Ganguly, or about India – all that he cares about is himself. Chappell wanted the Indian job because it was high profile, and would help his own prospects. Chappell wants India to win so that he can look good. Chappell ultimately wants to coach Australia from being an average side to being world champions, to prove to everyone that he is good. This is his aim. Chappell is purely selfish.

    If Chappell remains, you will watch as Indian cricket will crumble, and they will become the worst team in the world, maybe even worse than Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. Then, once they are at a position where Chappell is the only one who can save them, Chappell will leave.

    People who did not see this coming were naive. We knew that this would happen. People I think paid too much attention to Ganguly supporting Chappell, and not enough to Chappell’s track record. Chappell was always a bad coach. He is very unethical.

  2. As far as I know, from the papers and the news around, everyone says that chappell is good a person and their family is known for honesty..

    But now coming back to Ganguly, he was a good captain but he is not in form for years…he scored the century after a very long time and still he was captain…he cannot play against strong teams…and the team was not performing good at all…I know he has done very good in past for the team but that was he is doing nothing…

    There was need for change but due to politics or whatever reason BCCI was not ready to leave Ganguly and after this I had hope that other good player will get chance to become the captain but today mid-day revealed that there will be win win sutation where both will hold their positions and the same thing happened…

  3. Deep I don’t know exactly what paper you read,but allmost all of them have been saying that Chappel’s accusitions are far from true.They way you jumped to conclusion that Ganguly is the cause of all evil without even hearing both sides of the arguement seems to suggest that you were looking for oppertinity to critisise ganguly.Ganguy built this team India.Do you really think that he would destroy it?

    Mr.Lokendra PratapSahi a reputed sports journalist (writes in The Telegraph) wrote from the first day that Chappe’s accusitions don’t really add up.Yesterdy i read an article in Mumbai Mirror that clearly suggested that Chappel is doing all this only to get more power.
    I really feel you were naive to believ all the ridiculous accusitions that Chappel made against Ganguly.Ganguly is already going through a terrible phase in his life and if the team starts loosing under him at this stage then it would only make matters worse for him.Tell me what he would gain by splitting up team India?

  4. Actually if you look at Hindustan Times, DNA, Mid-Day you will find many people saying that Ganguly should really take rest now…

    Even on Aaj tak, they carried a poll in which 70% of the people were against Ganguly…

    Apart from Ganguly Chappell issue I personally feel that Ganguly needs some good rest from captainship…if you see his past record and compare the same with the present one then you will find drastic change in his performance…

    If you check his stats and compare the same with other first class players like Tendulkar, Dravid etc…You will find the difference clearly

    There are many cases where team plays well in the beginning and suddenly if someone gets out then whole team crumbles….

    Ganguly comes to bat and plays very slow…he plays defensive……

    I know he is not in form but for how long? I know he did very good for Indian team and played very well in the past but what about now? How many chances are needed?

    If sachin is not playing well then why do we need him also?

    The selection must be on the current records…not past…who cares of anyone has scored many 100s in past but doesn’t score a single 50 in present…that too after giving many chances….

  5. Deep forget about taking rest Ganguly should be kicked out if he doesnt perform soon.
    But that is again a different issue.You can’t defend Chappel anyway in this case.Ganguly was wronged.Chappel as a coach instead of dragging him out from trouble pushed Ganguly into it.
    I read an article published in Times(posted at digit forums).It really shows that Chappel should be fired immediately.

  6. iam anti-ganguly!!! i think if he is replaced by badani or someone, we can get our winning form back in odis..

    i think BCCI made a good decision by giving a chance to both ganguly and greg!!

    these sort of things never happened when wright was there.. so there is a very good chance that it was Greg who took the ‘quit cqptaincy’ thing out of the dressing room.

    i dont believe that ganguly is afraid of facing fast bowlers.. the melbourne thing was a very brave thing to do.. moreover he likes opening in odis.. if he was scared, he couldve hid in the middle order and take on the slower bowlers.

    worst accusation was that he is causing rift in the team… i believe just because he had a bad year, we shouldnt take everything away from him. he built this team.. he is now no longer needed but he deserves a good farewell.. he is biased towards players like harbhajan and yuvraj but i dont think he is the type who will cause rifts..

    Chappel’s intentions are right.. but he wants things to happen too soon. now that both of them got a chance, i hope they will think about it, forget it and concentrate on cricket.

    we have a long, tough year..

    with sachin back, everything will be alright.

  7. Hello Guys,
    from the looks of what i have read it looks like most of your comments are based on news articles that you have read. Fair enough is the argument that where else would you get information from…but you must realise that sensationalising an issue helps sell more copies and thats what the press is doing…sensationalising everything and in doing so is causing more damage than good.
    The issue here is of performance for the betterment of the game and of team india. This is paramount…and nothing must come inbetween this objective. Ganguly has done a wonderful job for the country (i have no doubt about it) but then chappel has a point too. You must realise for yourself when is the right time to step down so that someone else may do better to uplift team India. its sad to note that not everyone thinks of it in a positive way and most of all the top cricket players have got used to this idea of being in the “comfort zone”. If i have to give credit when its due its to chappel for erradicating this ailment. After all the team has only 12 players and India can and has produced many more international class players who have come and gone unnoticed because of the fear the selectors and board have to drop the existing few.
    From my personal point of view chappel is doing the right thing by increasing the bench strength of the indian team and if by doing that he is getting rid of the players settling into their comfort zone so be it.
    In the end he may be australian but me myself being a coach and a cricket crazy fan its impossible to coach a team with hidden agendas because if you are not passionate about what you do you do nothing and go nowhere.
    If team india finally turns out to be the best team in the world it will be because of the brave few who have caught the sleeping others by their balls and made them look at themselves in a different light.
    Now the few who dont like being squeezed by their balls will react but then if it is the best for indian cricket i would castrate them.
    As for the press i wish the Indian system could allow for someone to mash their balls to pulp specially those who are desperate to increase their circulations.
    sorry for the language
    have a good day

  8. and the effect of making dravid capatain or in other words, giving ganguly a good rest is very good..

    We won the series after a long time and apart from that, everyone played very well, spl. sachin..


  9. Ganguly should be kicked out immediately. While it is true that he had been a successful captain, let’s not forget, a lot of the victories were against weak teams and for which credit goes to other players in the team. If we credit ganguly every time an Indian cricketer gets runs, its like congratulating a broker for the customer’s success. Infact, few would remember Ganguly for any shrewd move in an important game. Ganguly has been a tiger against weak opponents but has hidden against the stronger teams. If he could lead from the front, he should have elected to bat against Australia in the World Cup finals on a clean batting track. His timidness cost us dear. If we would really like to believe our country had strong captains, think Kapil Dev and not the politician Sourav.An unfit and pathetic fielder like him does little to boost the morale of the team or set high standards in contemporary cricket. Infact Ganguly’s politics has been responsible for many promising cricketers being left out of the team. All such cricketers have been a threat to him in some form of the game. Examples are Hemang Badani, Akash Chopra, Sanjay Bangar. Now Jaffer and Gambhir are at the receiving end. Ganguly’s only contribution to Indian cricket has been to promote some young players as long as they were not a threat to him. That’s more of a scheming union leader than someone who brings value in the long term.
    Its important for Ganguly to forget that the Dalmiya days are over and so also his political career on the cricket field. Perform if you have to stay or get kicked out.

  10. Hello guys, who the hell told you that Ganguly is into politics. It is Chappel and others who are into politics. Chappel is a liar. If anyone calls him honest, he is a fool. He showed his middle-finger to the crowd in Kolkata out of frustation. When this came on TV, that liar said that there was some problem with his finger. And the person who said that Ganguly and Harbhajan are into match-fixing, I’ll bash him up if he comes in front of me. The way Ganguly was dropped, everyone knows about it. I know he was going through a very bad patch. When he was trying to come back to form, he was dropped. Is that the way to drop a player who has made 10,123 ODI runs? He is the third player after Sachin and Inzamam to cross 10,000 ODI runs. Is that a joke?

    He is the most successful captain, India has ever produced, without a shred of doubt. He has more Test wins to his credit than any other Indian captain. He is the only Indian captain to win both the One Day and Test Series against Pakistan in their home turf.
    People say that lately he was scoring centuries against weak teams. Listen guys, a century is a century. What about the other players? They can’t even make centuries against weak teams. Ganguly is a match-winner. See his stats. When he has performed, India has won most of the matches.
    When Ganguly was there, India reached the finals of World Cup 2003. There is no doubt that Australia was the best team that time and deserved to win the World Cup. Let me see how far does India go in 2007 World Cup with Chappel as coach, Dravid as captain and Ganguly not playing.

  11. Rajiv Brian Menon 29-May-2006 at 3:07 am

    With Ganguly out of the Indian team and India being defeated 4 to 1 by an ordinary team West Indies it seems India will be facing a tough task of beating Namibia, Zimbabwe, Scotland and Bangladesh. Chappel ko Chappal maro.


  13. Just for few matches which were fixed, you cannot say that all matches are fixed. That’s wrong. All players want to be captain, what is the harm in that, they should perform like Rahul Dravid, they can also become a captain one day. What is the harm if they get loads of money in ads, they have the right to earn money, that is none of our business. The bottom line is that they should play well. And cricket is such a game in which more than 95% people in India waste their time and energy. I’m not the only one.

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