Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara

That’s so true, I too didn’t kill Gandhi…but we are some or other way we all are responsible…we all have killed gandhi…that’s what movie tries to say and it is 101% correct..

The movie is about a person who is mentally unstable (Anupam Kher) and his daughter (Urmila Matondkar) who tries hard to get the things run smoothly…

The movie does not have any songs or stuff which can entertain the masses but it passes on the message that everyone will remember…

In the theatre there were 15 people including us and half of them did not like the movie because they were expecting something entertaining in it but the movie was a treasure of good acting and that masses cannot understand….

Anupam Kher and Urmila both acted really well and in short, this movie is not meant for the masses but for the ones who like to watch movie with good storyline and meaning…

Review on rediff: Maine Gandhi Ko is a masterpiece


  1. can you please email me the poem that is being said in the end of the movie ‘MAINE GANDHI KO NAHI MARA’

  2. Hey everyone…
    well no offense tht was an amazing Movie with a deep meaning…mind blowing movie…its really true tht we all killed Gandhi Jee and we keep killing him everyday coz Gandhi ji was symbol of Turth…Simplicity…Love…Unity…and Freedom and we cant find anyone of those attributes around us and we keep killing him everyday….!!! this implies on every single human being in this world…!!
    Cut to Chase…Movie was awesome one of the best movies of indian film industry….


  3. Vadiraj Kulkarni 11-Dec-2005 at 8:41 pm

    This movie is one of the best Hindi movies that I have ever seem. It has a lot of depth and inner meaning. The poem that is recited in the end is highly motivating.



  5. very interesting movie, to introduce the concept: that we have forgotten Gandhiji values through an alzheimers patients selective loss of memory and dementia.
    Well made and excellent acting by Anupam Kher and Urmila Matondkar.

  6. Thought provoking movie. Here is the poem

    Lehroon Se Darr Kar.. Naauka Paar Nahin Hoti
    Himmat Karne Walon Ki.. Haar Nahin Hoti

    Nanhiin Chiitin Jab Daana Lekhar Chalti Hai
    Chadhti Deewaroon Par Sau Baar Phisalti Hai
    Mann Ka Vishwaas Ragoon Mein Saahas Bharta Hai
    Chadh Kar Girna.. Girkar Chadhna.. Naa Aakarta Hai
    Aakhir Uski Mehnat.. Bekaar Nahin Hoti
    Koshish Karne Walon Ki.. Haar Nahin Hoti

    Dubkiyaan Sindhu Mein Goota Khoor Lagaata Hai
    Jaa Jaa Kar Khaali Haath.. Laut Aata Hai
    Milte Na Shaheej Ke Moti Paani Mein
    Behta Doona Utsaah Isi Hairaani Mein
    Muthi Uski Khaali.. Haar Baar Nahin Hoti
    Himmat Karne Walon Ki.. Haar Nahin Hoti

    Asafalta.. Ek Chunauti Hai.. Sweekaar Karoo
    Kya Kami Rehgayi.. Dekho.. Aur Suthaar Karoo
    Jabtak Nasafaal Ho.. Neend Chaain Ki Tyaago Tum
    Sungharshoon Ka Maidaan.. Choodh Mat Bhaago Tum
    Kucch Kiye Bina Hi.. Jay Jay Kar Nahin Hoti
    Himmat Karne Walon Ki.. Haar Nahin Hoti

    By: Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’

  7. MAINE GANDHI KO NAHI MARA’ is really a masterpiece Thank you Mr Baruah.

  8. This movie was amazing! I truly feel that directors should make more movies like these…movies that have deeper meaning to it rather than dancing around the trees. Anupam Kher and Urmila were amazing! I was also wondering if there was an english translation to the poem…thank you

  9. gandhi.. is more over a controversy.. many questions arise..Why we Indians dont credit other people? It was all a game plan.. Movie.. on the other hand shows good parts..but if you are taking morals from mr gandhi.. research why was he assasinated ? why there was a partition ? why nehru was our first pm, instead of other better candidature? Gandhi is nothing but a hype of the congress governemt..india had got independence a long back if Gandhi or congress didnt exist. Peace is good…but revolution and independence..need blood.. so please dont just forget others while blindly worshiping Gandhi.

  10. omg this movie was brilliant…i loved this movie soo much. this is one of the best indian movies in the world. well the thing that i wanna request is if someone can give me the english translation of the poem in this movie. pleazz i need it so if someone could give it to me i would appreciate it very much. thanx. if you could pleazz email it to me. thanx again

  11. though i’ve not watch this movie. but i can seee still picture and the trailer of the movie talks about.Urmila was great so do anupam.But sadly no juries eye fall on them in any award shows.

  12. maine gandhi ko mara hai…har roz har pal…baar baar apne haathon se gala ghot kar mara hai. par mujhe koi dukh nahi.everytime i killed gandhi , i gave birth to a new bhagat singh in me. i have fought for my rights, amd i m proud of that coz def need an explosion!inqualab zindabad.
    movie was awesome, rather a masterpiece. i wouldn’t say we’ve hyped gandhi, coz these days bhagat, azad,subhash chandra bose all have movies glorifying their work. there’s no harm till its inspiring us and igniting our minds to be better individuals.
    gandhi,azad,bhagat and all the others who succumbed to death for the mother country were just sons who wanted to make a difference not a congress, or anyother party!
    lets take this movie as a lesson!
    i’ve given my national award to mr kher the moment i got out of the theatre.
    great job! god bless u all.
    vande mataram

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  14. Ankur, Gandhi being a controversy doesn’t mean he had no values. I know there’s no one person who single-handedly took India to independece, there never is. There were many key players in the Indian politics around that time, but you can’t undermine the role of any of those. If this movie reminds us ov Ganghiian values, there have been movies on Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Vallabh Bhai Patel, Nehru and others. I am sure there are so many unsung heroes who we haven’t even heard of, or there haven’t been enough written or spoken about. But coming back to your comment, I think we Indians just don’t want to credit anyone for independence….this is sad!

  15. I m not satisfied and agree with the nature of gandhi ji, so u can say the i have killed him and killing him everyday…..
    But i like the movie very much, and i can say that its the best film i have ever seen, our producers and directors should make films like this.
    Thanks so much Anupam ji and Urmila ji to be a part of this film bcz i think anyone acn not play the characters like u …….
    this film should go to oscars..!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. So true Badshah but our indian award shows just ignored this great movie…

    It shows that Indian award shows are just to make big stars one cares about good films..

  17. Neelakanth Awalagaway 10-Apr-2006 at 11:11 am

    I lieked the song which was in the end. This song made a big impact on me. Thanks to all those who made this beutifull movie and the inspring song.

  18. Well….its not just Indian awards that selectively acknowledge popular movies….I think the practice is undertaken by Hollywood too… I dont necessarily mean its wrong….but its the way it is…..I guess to find good ones one has to dig a little deeper than the apparent (s)….

  19. Dear Folks
    I have read all your comments. I as the writer and the director of the film thank you very much for all your appreciative words. Your comments have inspired me a lot. Thanks again – Jahnu Barua

  20. Ok I haven’t seen the movie. But I thought it was probably about Nathuran Godse. It sounds something different. Also, from what I have read here, it seems Gandhi is getting lot of respect and acknowledgement for his work. Since I don’t respect the man and do not follow his philosophy, I would not watch the movie.

  21. I watched a truly satisfying and thought-provoking movie after a long-long time. In fact, the thoughts of this movie lingered with me for many many weeks. Hats off to Mr. Kher, Mr. Barua, Urmila and everybody else involved in the making. If somebody does not respect Gandhi it is because they do not probably understand his values.

  22. can someone pleaz send me the english version of the poem being said at the end?!?


  23. Marshall and Mimi Pyatt 09-Jun-2006 at 11:20 pm

    “Maine Gandhi ko Nahin Mara” a brilliant and thought provoking film – very contemporary and beautifully made.Our respect for Gandhian values has been further enhanced by this movie – We had the privelege of watching this film on the first day , first show at the Albion theatre in Toronto on the day of its worldwide release – This movie has created waves in the lives of all we know who have seen the movie here in Canada ( in fact everyone we know in North America).We were so touched by the brilliance of the movie that we gave most of our relatives the DVD of the movie as Christmas presents !That was one of our ways of making this movie seen by those who could not view it in the theatre.

    Thanks Mr. Jahnu Barua for infusing such freshness in the art world.We highly recommend this movie to be seen by all irrespective of whether one may believe in Gandhian values or not.Everything genuine in life teaches us something and enriches our lives- be it personalities with great commitment, vision and sacrifice such as Gandhi or profoundly artistic films like “Maine Gandhi ko nahin Mara”

    The other point we would like to share here is that it is not enough for us to merely appreciate a beautiful film like this but we must also be proactive and think of different ways that we can encourage the film’s viewing so that it may be a commercial success and more films like this can be made – as it is films such as this that will rejuvenate our global society…

    it was interesting hearing everyone’s opinions and thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our views…

    Three cheers for Mr Jahnu Barua and his very talented team and many more to come!!

    Marshall and Mimi Pyatt

  24. Gandhi was just tooo great. Its near impossible for a common man to emulate him ! Just how little of his values we see imbibed in people we come across, is a testament to the greatness of his character.

  25. i read this poem many times but
    yesterday i hear this poem from
    anupam kher in India tv’s proggram


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