Are blogs overhyped?

Yes, this is the truth and I just hate it, Blogs are overhyped….recently I came across some Indian guys starting a blog network which will have blogs on 50 different channels…so now the hype starts…people gets excited about the thing “Woha..50 channels…new blog…amazing…will love to read” haah but they don’t know that it is another attempt for SEO and generate some hefty ad revenue…I am saying this after going through the list of blog topics they are going to cover…topics varied a lot… Diabetes, Depression, VOIP, Health, Night Clubs, Gardening, Kitchens etc….. to me it looks like typical example of attempt to generate many pages and generate revenue through ads…(I will love if they can prove me wrong 🙂 )

Many biggies blogged about the much hyped blog (though most of them had commented negative things)

I do not understand why people hype such small things? In the end it is going to burst like bubble and that’s for sure….

I am not naming the site since I do not want to get into name games but if you are in search engine and blogs circuit you will probably know about what I am talking about…

Anyways, let’s see how they come up with…today they are going to launch their site…


  1. Hi Deep,

    Instablog is trying to do what Jason Calacanis has done.

    For those who domain know Jason Calacanis, he is the guy who would be soon completing $ 1 million income from Google adsense.

    Jason runs a collection of blogs 86 blogs and mind it, not one of them is junk blog. All the blog has relevant content and he pays people to write for him. If you are interested and have the skill… you may get paid for it.. who knows.

    Engadget, Autoblog, and Joystiq are some of his industry leading blog and you can see his work along with his entire list of blog at

    – Anish

  2. Sorry Deep and folks,

    there is a correction in the above post…

    Instead of “….. those who domain know Jason Calacanis,”
    Please read it as “….. those who DONT know Jason Calacanis,”

    My Apologies….


  3. I will be glad if they can stick to relevant content 🙂 Afterall you are here to earn money so it is everyone’s right to earn money by all possible ritght ways…


  4. Btw Deep, why do you take things in negative aspect at first? 😉 Are you always like this or only when you are in a vindictive mood? 😛

    try to see things in positive light sometimes buddy, its good for health!! Scientists have proved that people who are pessimist or have negative outlook towards life, have short life!! 🙂

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