1. tara janamdivas ni hardik shubhkamnaye
    Taro a varsh khubh moaj ane masti no rahe

    Happy Birthday again sorry my gujarati is very bad

  2. Dude, have an awesome birthday. May you get great gifts and may excellent things happen to you this month. May you go really deep into everything and may your website grow a lot.

  3. Hey,
    Thanks everyone again for the wishes 🙂
    About gift, actually me bit too late but will announce in a day or 2 🙂


  4. Hey! So you turned 24! Why showing off in here… To get some galz??? Hmmm, that must be your plan I suppose.

    So did I forget to wish you?


  5. Girls? :p only 2 girls visit my blog..you and shibani haha…

    so now I dont think I need to impress you anymore 😛 lol

  6. Eeeuuuu!!! You better don’t! I am much better off alone!

    Oh! Feel like singing the song “Better off alone” Ever heard that? If no, do that now. It’s very nice.

    Chao. Take care.

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