Net without IP address…..

This is totally insane…

My net is not working for couple of hours, I called up my local ISP and asked that female about it…

She asked me, what ISP you are on…I said Exatt…then she asked what error its showing…
I said, it is not able to connect to your server and does not show IP Address…

And a Bomb….

She said Sir, “Exatt ke connection mein IP address he nahi aata� (You do not get IP address in Exatt connection), I was like….kya? I said, Net kaise chalega IP address ke bina? (How can net work without IP address?)

She kept me on hold for 2 mins and replied back saying, sorry sir, Exatt mein IP address nahi aata…(Sorry sir, you don’t get IP address with Exatt net connection)

I asked her for the 3rd time and then finally she gave the line to some technical person and explained thing to him and now I hope the net starts in sometime soon.

(Net started after approx half an hour after writing this)


  1. u cant blame them half indian poulation using internet are not even familiar with the word IP address. I have made many of them fools by saying that i can track them and even tell what they r doing on net by looking at their IP address. 😉
    I know its bad but i love it

  2. LOL… I remember an ad in a local newspaper here. It went on like this:

    For more details contact……………

    Well I thought Internet was in Public Domain! How come this guy is selling it?

    What this guy meant was a cyber cafe I suppose!!

  3. well, certainly you can’t blame them!! as I’ve seen, most call center people have pre-made answers for a lot of common questions, no matter how many times you ask them, you’ll get the same answer. and I think that the one who drafted this one’s answers thought that he better skip it!!

    or as Shahab said, she might’ve meant that your package doesn’t come with a static IP though I doubt she knew what she was saying!! 😉

  4. LOL 😀

    I remember once my Hardware Dealer said ” AMD Doesn’t Support Games” . I was Like WHAT!!! Well I didn’t argue because there is a famous saying ” Never Argue with an Idiot as the third person can’t differenciate who the real Idiot is” lol

    ..::: peace ::.

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