Fianally my Birthday Gift is ready..

After waiting for almost 5 days I managed to get my birthday gift up 😉 It is my company website actually… 😀 Putting it online after 1 year…I still have to fix few bugs on it…but still I had to launch it coz I couldn’t wait for long time..

You can check it here: and check this link for Web Hosting



  1. gr8 website u made and the name of the company is kool too.
    So tame to bahu kool cho.

  2. Heheh .. The moment I saw the title I knew it was related to some tech stuff .. 😀 ..
    Btw ..Cool website .. Best of wishes .. 🙂

  3. Great Website. Keep up the good work. Best of wishes and Belated happy b’day!

  4. Happy Birthday….

    I hope its not late to wish you ….

    Discovered your blog today only… nice articles… i read most of them… commented on a few of them.

    A sincere suggestion… please change the look of the web hosting site…. you could do a good proffesional design to get more design clients.

    No, i am not suggesting you hire me… cos i dont know anything about designing or programming…. i am from a different field and surf the net as a hobby…. visit lots of site… so from a end user perspective i gave the suggestion.

    – Pankaj “The Bear” Gill

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for the suggestion but this design was made after getting approval and suggestions from many international designers.

    I had posted about the site in many forums for reviews and from inputs from various places I fixed few things and now I personally feel site is looking good 🙂


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