MTNL Triband – Really Good..

I wasted my morning in fighting with my local cable net guy ( Mulund – provides ExattNet connection). I got an email from them saying from this month they will charge Rs.50 extra as “maintenance charges”. Their net connection goes down daily for 1 hr approx (that’s what happening for last 3-4 days), their customer service is pathetic and they charge me Rs. 990 for 256kbps unlimited line.

Now MTNL comes in the picture here..I am currently using MTNL Triband at my office and am very satisfied with the net connection, no downtime at all, very decent speed…since there are no problems with the net so you do not need to call their technical support also…at least I haven’t called them till now…

I applied for Home also just now (DSL NU Plan), which gives 500 mb monthly downloads and from midnight 12 to morning 8, no download limits…

This one has restrictions for downloads compared to my old connection but it is good for me since I wont be at home in day time and in night I will have unlimited bandwidth for my movie and music downloads 😀

And the good part is, I won’t have to face these local guys anymore…those bustards can’t even talk properly…the lady at their customer support desk is always sound like an a*****e and never answers properly…their manager talks as if he is some prime minister…in short they all suck…

So today when I decided to get the connection, I was kind of lazy to go to MTNL exchange – fill the form and apply for it…so I just called their helpline number, 1500 to find out whether they accept registration on phone, online or not….and a bomb…she took my details and told me that, your net connection will come in 3-4 days 😀

Now that’s what I call, a super fast and super cool thing….MTNL has approved a lot and it is a very good sign…

I hope they come up with unlimited download plans….

So my suggestion – If you are not going to download much or can wait for night for downloads then go for MTNL is far better than these local cable net guys…


  1. Hmm… Deep .. The public enterprise suck as much as private ones .. Dont be too optimistic about their service .. As I am surviving BSNL for 6 years ..

  2. Actually I am using MTNL for quite some time and to be frank they are good enough and good part is they are improving a lot..

    Everyday I see new offers by them in the newspaper…

    Till now my net hasnt gone down even a single time (Using it for a week now)…speeds are good enough..I get around 27-28 kbps….


  3. aah missed one point…
    Actually my old ISP Exatt is very good but these local cable net guys screw things..they charge whatever they want and provide worst service…


  4. I live in a small city called Asansol.The only broadband provider here is Dataone.So i don’t have any option.
    Actually i would be glad if I get 256kbps unlimited for Rs 1000.

  5. Today’s my first day with MTNL Triband and I must say I agree with Deep. It is working pretty decent. I got it after I got some favourable reviews. 🙂

  6. Hi All

    It has been 10days now and I am very Happy with the speed. As a Public Sector Unit yu may get some delay in getting the connection, But it is worth waiting.

    Also skipping from one plan to another is NIL so what are you waiting for ……..

    Go ahead and change to MTNL TRIBAND.

  7. MTNL is chors. U will get connection after 20 days pf request as in my case.

    however, normal browsing and stuff is generally fine. i use skype

    pretty often to talk to my sister in london.. Theres one more odd thing

    been happening recently..Its really almost insane! say for instance,

    i’m using MSN messenger, chatting with someone. I decide to check my

    mail. so i open internet explorer, and i get the “Page Cannot be

    displayed� error. i think, maybe i’ve lost my connection or something,

    but there beeps my messenger to tell my that ive got a message. I try

    another website, yet again the same error, but the chats working fine.

    Infact, apart from the chat, NOTHING else is working. Similar scenario

    would be when im browsing. i notice that all the links on ONE specific

    page im using work, but if i open another window, its the same as

    above. What the bloody hell is going on here???????

    The problem i m facing is that my internet connection doesnt work

    properly at night or even in the evering.

    After surfing of 10min of webpoages i get an errror saying Cannot load.

    I literally have to disconnect the line and then get reconnect the line

    in order for everything to work fine.

    I am using the sam router dude i.e. UT Star 300RU like.

    And one more thing BEWARE OF MTNL NU Plan USERS.

    I always track my dl and ul usage with my Net Meter. And it always

    shows me correct fig. It wil show u more but never less.

    Today i downloaded 20mb of data and then i cross checked my data usage

    on and i got surprised and found that my usage for

    the day is 60mb. Where the bal 40mb gone.

    My netmeter is showing 20 and it surpassed that 20mb limit.

    MTNL are cheaters and thers no doubt about it atall.

    One more thing i wuld like to know is that whats the use of MTNL

    username and password?

    What if i try to use someones else username and password ??/
    Will my account remain unafected???
    If yes then surely i wud like to get someones username and password for

    that reason. Please help

    And yes 1 more thing the response time for loading a webpage is very

    low in UT router

    For Night Unlimited Plan, please ensure to switch off MTNL modem at the

    beginning and end of NU period …… What if i dont disconnect the

    line at the end of the Nu Plan? Will i get free data dl as i hav still

    nt disconnected my line yet?

    If yes then its great and i will continue surfing and will never

    disconnect my line evr.

  8. no if u dont disconnect you will be charged for your night downloads aswell as day downloads that followed…so dont do that…
    u might end up paying a Rs10000+ bill given the speed is 25 – 30 kBps…

  9. I have been using MTNL Triband for 3 months now.Not once has the connection been down.But I use the 199 plan.The problem is I get charged 320/- per month for a measly 400mb free.And you cant use any one elses Username and password ,the use WAN and keep track of your MAC adderess.I tried it,dosent work.
    I am looking for a good broadband scheme thats cheap and limitless but I cant seem to find one here in Mulund.

  10. I applied for MTNL TriBand a month ago and despite them telling me that they do not have any modems in stock I went and got one. I have done most of the work, but still await for them to come down and do whatever the hell it is they do. So I got fed up today and connected everything but alas! I am yet to recieve a username password. I shall have to pray to the lord of computers (hopefully not an incarnation of BillGates) for me to recieve my connection soon, hopefully during my lifetime.
    Oh and I feel that Mumbai needs some seriously kickass ISPs coz it looks like all the current ones are just clowns, that includes all those good for nothing Cablewallas.

  11. hey,i have got MTNL(599 nu)plan..i hardly use the net during day in i only use it for playing CS(its a game) or sometimes jus surf the net..i get a good speed of 30kbps but that dosen really matter,cuz they jus charged me 1900 buks as damn usage..i only dwld at nite,n make it a point to switch off my modem at 8 in d mornin..however i do not cut the line n start it again at nite(before starting dwlds) i.e at that also necessary?Pls reply..i seriously think i’l have to change my connection,as this 1 is charging 2 is undoubtedly gr8..but 2 much 2 pay..!

  12. this is meant for sanjiv nair. why would they charge u 320 for the 199 plan, as it is 200 bucks + 80(for their modemrental), whats the 40 for. and yes in genreal i agree with the comments about the globcast guys, they r the miserable 1s(and sify provides thru them itself, sadly). any1 knows of any unlimited cheap provider in mulund e area.

  13. hi veekaay u need to reboot the router at 12 and 8 to get adv of the unltd download … frn has a script that does it automatically instead of starting n switchin it off manually…i hope this clears ur doubts…..raj

  14. The staff of MTNL are the most-paid workforce with the least amount of work.MTNL fleeces and cheats its subscribers to pay for the most irresponsible and the most uncivilised non-workers who are the greediest and the most thankless also.

    The fallout of this new payscales is that the thousands of clerks who are just enjoying life in the MTNL offices will be paid 15000 to 20000 rupees,for no more work than ill-treating the subscribers who are forced to visit by the blunders committed by the very same clerks. More than 10000 operators are drawing 21000 rupees per month without knowing any work.They draw a salary of 300 crores per month for generating 3 crore revenue.
    The barbarian called lineman will get 12000-15000 rupees per month for his ‘skillful and courteous service’ to public.
    In addition every MTNL employee is getting 10000 rupees as bonus every year and 2000-3000 rupees as overtime every month.
    All these payments ( made in recognition of refusal to work,corruption and indiscipline ) are achieved by the anti-national and anti-social trade unions by harassing and threatening the selfish, short-sighted and spineless management of MTNL.
    Is there no Sukhtankars to take the MTNL union and management to task for looting the public to pay the petty-thieves.

    -on behalf of Mtnl victims

  15. Herman Coutinho 21-Jun-2007 at 1:26 pm

    Hi there,

    I would like to ask two questions and shall be glad for all the suggestions. I am planning to take the MTNL 599 plan and use Dlink G604T ADSL Modem (wireless).

    1. Is it compatible, can I use this modem, can it be configured for wireless connectivity
    2. Wireless will be continuously on. Will I be charged even if no one is using the net e.g browsing (technically there is no data download going on of any kind)

    Thanks in advance for you time guys and take care…

  16. I downloaded 200Gb in one month using MTNLs NU Rs 849 plan
    That was money well spent !

  17. Jagdish Phadke 07-Dec-2008 at 12:36 pm

    I had aplied for sify broadband 280 plan threw Globcast,mulund.But they denied me cos not havind hub near
    My building.but my frend use sify net who live in my front it fair to denide costemmer for der poor infrastructure.

  18. 2 years have passed since this article was written, so…

    Currently using MTNL’s Unlimited 599 Plan which gives 60 KBps download speeds any time of day.
    Bureaucratic, True.
    Public Sector, True.
    All those other complaints? Ignorant internet users.

    MTNL uses the telephone line to provide broadband, so if ur net is regularly screwed, it is because those telephone lines themselves are bad, which IS a result of MTNL being a public sector undertaking, agreed. But thats RARE> All my friends use MTNL, and we don’t have ANY issues.

    At 60KBps, I still download approximately 3-4GB a day. For those who take the 100KBps download speed (1Mbps connection speed) connection for just 1000… NO one else gives you unlimited downloads at these speeds.

    Google something called “Fair use Policy” which is used by Reliance and Airtel – simply, even if you have “unlimited” net, you can’t download more than, say 20GB, cuz it isnt FAIR. WTF?? FAIR?? I PAY THROUGH MY NOSE AND I HAVE TO BE ‘FAIR’?? MTNL DOESN”T ASK ME TO BE FAIR, THEY GIVE ME MY MONEY’S WORTH, UNLIKE ALL THESE SELF-SERVING PRIVATE SECTOR BUGGERS WITH THEIR UNDERSTAFFED, ARTIFICIALLY POLITE, USELESS WORKERS WHO CANT HAVE UNIONS. The Day MTNL gets a fair use policy, I’ll take my words back.

    Till Then, MTNL rocks. End of argument.

  19. Very well said Alex.. MTNL has improved a lot, specially it does not have the silly fair usage policy..

    The speeds are pretty much constant too..

  20. Really, Deep… My MTNL was down for a total of JUST 2 hours in all of last month… I called them up, it wasn’t a 23-year old chick..more likely some 45-year old aunty who doesn’t have the “call-center voice”, but she didnt waste my time with “Welcome, and blah blah blah will be recorded for training purposes, and thank you for staying on hold, may I have ur phone number” etc. I said “net down hai”, she said ” Oh, woh toh subeh se server me kuch problem hai, sabka down hai, theek ho jaayega”. End of call.
    I thought they were getting rid of me cuz people were harassing them since morning, but my POINT is, THEEK hua. within an hour of my calling.

    Try beating that, all you Fair Use Policemen..

  21. Aloha to everyone,specially you guys from mulund!I am also from mulund.
    I have been using MTNL since 2006 and have resisted all temptations the cable guys thrown at me (hatway,globcast etc) because I knew about DSL and the difference between the ordinary broadband and ADSL that comes through the phone lines.
    MTNL has mainly optic fibers now in the city and hence is capable of providing more speeds as they go on adding equipment and testing it.
    Now they are offering speeds up to 4mbps for the subscribers and expect it to increase up to 24 in the next few years.

    people who have been getting disconnections should
    1> get their lines checked (those poor line men are not at fault you just need to persist with them)
    2> check the router or buy a new one like dlink

    MTNL BSNL are any day better and cheaper that the greedy private companies
    most of whom use MTNL BSNL exchanges and lines for their networks and owe crores of money to these public sectors and get away with it due to their political influences

    I am a proud user of MTNL services,its a gov sector,its our money so dont see it with the same persecution as the private companies and persist with it

    i didnt know about this fair use thing that really sucks ! And MTNL will never follow those policies.

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