Looking Cheap Web Hosting in India?

Nah Nah…I am not spamming about my hosting company here 😛

I have seen many people asking me about cheap web hosting, people just consider the price and they do not see the features provided by web host..recently I was searching for some stuff on google and found an ad by Indian hosting company which claimed that we provide 1 GB reseller account just for Rs. 1,999 per year.

This looked pretty impossible to me, so I checked their site, checked the plan and found that they had forgotten to mention (or purposely did not mention) the bandwidth per month.

I contacted their sales person on live chat..and here is the chat…

[Visitor] Hi?
[SH SALES DOTIN] How can we help u in sales?
[Visitor] Yes, I just go to know about ur site from google ads,
[Operator] how are u
[Visitor] it was showing Rs1999 for 1 Gb
[Visitor] is that true?
[Visitor] your website deoes not show that plan in compare plans page: http://sili********.net/sili********.net_non_ssl/web_hosting/compare.html
[Operator] OK..we will add …
[Visitor] how much bandwidth do you provide with 1 GB account?
[Operator] 30gb bandwidth per year
[Visitor] per year?
[Visitor] or per month?
[Visitor] r u there?
[Operator] per year

[Visitor] okay and how much do you charge for extra bandwidth if needed?
[Operator] sir please do provide ur name and contact number pls
[Visitor] My name is *** and email is ***
[Operator] your contact number pls
[Visitor] Can you email me the plan or something?
[Visitor] I am sorry I wont be able to provide phone number but if you want then I can call you up for details
[Visitor] you have some number for mumbai?
[Operator] ok we will email u the details
[Operator] thanks
[Visitor] okay thank you very much for help.

I hope you guys got the point from chat log 😀

So in short, it is just not possible to provide hosting at dirt cheap rates, if anyone is providing then you should consider other factors like, datacenter, backup solutions, server software versions etc.. in mind too


  1. Hey I agree with you. 30 GB per year, that gives me a laugh. LOL!LOL! “Mera India” is certainly a nice catergory for this BTW. See the attitude of the service team when you stress on of their weaker points. What is the use of 1GB Space when you get only 2.5 GB BW/month? Maybe the inverse is okay, I guess.

  2. Exactly, there is no point in providing 30GB bandwith a year..and on top of that they write, unlimited accounts, domains etc..

    Bloody with 2.5 gig bandwidth how many domains can a person have haha….

    I have also seen many websites providing say 2 gb for 5$ a month and all…

    People buy it just because it is cheap but in the end you find that software versions are not updated, no daily backup is taken, speeds are slow etc…

    coz to get good service, you have to shell out some money….thats what many people fail to understand and give cost as main criteria of hosting….


  3. Yeah whats the use of 2.5 GB/Year.

    I get 2 GB/ month for my 50 MB plan from Deep.

    BTW deep what happened about that ebay package?

  4. tuXian, I didnt try them..didnt get enough time to check that guy out….

    Shyam, the rates are very cheap and if they are able to provide the features and uptime along with that then nothing like that 🙂


  5. I was with and they totally suck!

    in terms of service they were snails…

    I have shifted…in process to shift from them to hope they dont mess with my data.

    soon i will have my own site as this guys support 5 websites in one…multisite is what they call it.


  6. I think I know whom you are talking about Deep, ain’t those the same guys who offer 1GB free with 1GB? 😉

    I thought their plans to be quite cheap & was tempted to try them, lucky that I noticed their bandwidth issues & also, they have outdated software as well!! Who in their right minds will use PHP 4.3.3!!!
    and to top it all, their support chat sucks, they don’t know what to answer if you ask some specific details like software versions etc.

    Shyam, I’ve heard about Site5 and think know a few people who are hosted with it. I’ve heard some good stuff & some bad stuff about them, no personal experience!!

  7. Yup, you are right Amit, same guys.. 😀

    I had seen one more big indan company selling unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth for Rs. 5,000 a year

    I dont understand how people get into their trap.. 🙁

  8. Well, a lot of people are dumb & they can’t be blamed much as well, since they are not of this field so they don’t know!! What would you expect from a secretary or a company boss who knows computers only to the point of using Word to create RTF & HTML documents?

    btw, your comment subscription plugin ain’t working, I didn’t get notification for your comment!! and you should enable the comment subscription without commenting as well.

  9. It’s much better offering 25MB @ 1Gb Bandiwidth than what our Indisites are doing. Unfortunately there are not many Net Literates in our Country especially SoHo Buisneses and they fall in the trap.

    [quote]I had seen one more big indan company selling unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth for Rs. 5,000 a year[/quote]
    Maybe someone should check it out. If you can, please PM me with the link in TD Forums, please.

  10. Deep, I didn’t get any notification about your or Retro’s comments, though I still see myself as subscribed to this post!!

    so I’ve removed the subscription for this post & subscribed again!! lets see if it works!!

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