Another bad day?

Yup, I will call it as a bad day, Today morning I lost a deal with one client…but I am quite happy about it, because it ended with ego clash…the guy was treating as if we are his servants…so after testing my patience twice in the span of 6 months I finally could not stop myself from arguing with him…and ended up with lot of anger and no business but I am happy about it because it is better to loose these kind of clients in the beginning rather than doing business with them with the relationship like servant and the boss…


  1. Yea, kind of which looks sweet from far but as you move ahead to feel it, you feel the real taste..

    So that’s what happen with me, the guy was like…”If you talk like this to me then I will not pay for hosting and wont give web dev project…I was like **** off…I am terminating your account right away..**** off”

  2. Dood u did da best. If someone is nagging you u r better off without him u know or else it might be sleeping with the enemy. And remeber hes not the only client u got on this earth.

  3. I don’t think you could call this “Ego Clash”. I mean, it’s better for you run without such customers. Just tell him his measly 500 Bucks doesn’t matter a **** to you. I was on the support team of some free script some time back and I’ve seen my co-workers deal with such people who think they own the world and seriously just because they are “CUSTOMERS”, we have to go round the world for them or run licking their dirty socks. Perhaps Indians are developing Egos bigger than their abroad counterparts. JK!

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