Blog or Forum ?

As most of the people reading this might be aware that I run a company called Web1 Solutions, now I am thinking of putting something there for better interaction between users and company…

Many people told me to setup forums but I somehow feel that I really do not need the forums at this point of time; some kind of blog would be enough for me where I can make announcements, seek public onions etc…

So what all you guys think? Is blog enough? Or forums would be better choice?



  1. If you are mainly going to make announcements I think a blog would suffice.
    But a forum would definitely allow better interaction with your customers.

  2. I just went through Web1 once again and noticed that you offer a lot of services to the people. In that case a forum might just be the thing. You can have a sub-forum called “Announcements” and one for Dev’s Talk where only the staff can post like a blog, etc.

    If you don’t want yours to be a full-fledged forum, you can disable all the xtra like PM, Post Count, etc and have only Posting.
    After a Forum is like a collection of a 100 blogs. Just my 2 cents

  3. Actually my mind is still saying blog…..lets see…

    I have already setup the forum actually…will think about it again..

  4. Why is a forum cumbersome to manage. I mean, he’s not going to control a huge forum like TD where millions of people with varied interests, etc, & spammers will be there. Since the idea is only for Web1, a forum would rock as support could be offered.

    Deep, why don’t you ask this to some of your customers and your staff too.

  5. All the way Forums yaar!

    A small, crisp and tight forum installation will help your customers interact with support staff, read through FAQs, help you make new clients, and what not?

  6. I think a blog will be enough!

    But it again all depands on the number of client U have, If U have a considerable number of client & U think they really need to Interact then I think U should Set Up a Forum!

    Why dot U mail all UR client & take there feedback?

  7. I am still not able to decide will keep forum and blog both… 😀
    keep forum for discussion and keep blog for annoucements… 😉


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