Blogging and SEO

There is always a misconception that Blogs help you to get your site on top..and somewhat it is true also but the logic behind is totally different from people or may be lot of Indian SEOs are thinking.

I have seen many Indian SEO firms and so called “SEO Experts” starting up with fake blogs in various sites like rediff, indiatimes, blogger etc..and some even have wordpress installed on their sites..

They all are in a great misconception that, making blogs will put us in top…and they are creating (fake) blogs without knowing the base of it…

To put your blog on top in search engines basic fundas should be clear, just creating blog won’t help at all…You need to work on it..make it popular…know the ways to make it popular….posting articles with keywords stuffed in it won’t help at all…

I have seen numerous Indian blogs run by SEO companies with keywords stuffed as “Indian SEO Company” “SEO firm India” etc….some idiots even put SEO India at the end of title of every post…I have no idea what the hell it means and why they do it…

After doing all these shitty things they still expect their blog to rank top in search engines…..

It is like if everyone is starting blogs then we will also start blog for SEO…

Because it helps in getting top rank in search engines…

hmm…let me think..hmmm…let me think…hmmm I don’t know sometime it gets blog on top in search engines..

That’s what every SEO firm or so called Expert will say when you ask them for the reason…

Now, let me explain why blogs rank well in search engines…

  • Active / original blogs always receive backlinks from various sites, generally people link to the articles or blogs at the time of giving reference.. – You get a backlink because of posting good content
  • Blogrolls, this plays important part as well, in simple terms you can say getting links from friends or the ones who like to read your blog – You get a backlink from friends and your regular readers, just because the content is original and good
  • Simple structure – Most of the blogs are CSS based and very easy for search engines to get through the content because there is not messy table structure, or javascript which crawler has to go through

So the main factor is, Original Content, post it in a natural way…and you can get lot of backlinks and the site can definitely rank well in search engines for various keywords….just be natural and start posting…you will get backlinks from various sites from same theme..i.e. blogging πŸ™‚ and google just loves getting links from same themed sites… πŸ˜€

I am not any biggie in SEO or anything but this is mere simple logic which these guys fail to understand and start fake blogs everywhere…they always fail to touch the base…everyone wants get on top without hard work which is next to impossible πŸ™‚

So if you are starting blog with intention of getting top in search engines, then do not forget to read this or clear the basics πŸ™‚


  1. Well, I do not see any logic in that, but yes if you the blog is well linked i.e. good backlinks then it can do good…but the same logic applies for any site basically…


  2. Agree with you. Maybe here’s a tip for SEO’s.
    Have a very great blog, first bring it up to atleast PR3 or 4
    Then Start linking to some of your client sites in the blog.

    Voila. LOL!

  3. Dear Deep,

    Found Great Information and agree with you,

    but my question is how to fight with this blog spam, because blog spam create so many problems for Actual Indian SEO Companies

    What is blog spam learn from mentioned Guys website

    For example see above website one of ahmedabad based blog spammer create so many spam blogs, now some big companies hire spammer to block competitors ranking.

  4. Hi,
    I generally flag the blog in blogspot and google has also become smart enough to take care of those kind of sites.

    For example, the site you have mentioned above is blocked by google. It does not show any result if you make site: query..

    I also checked the sites linked from that site, all seem to have PR0…


  5. Common sense has been lost by many site creators. If you design a site or blog from the user’s perspective, you will eventually gain higher PR and SE rankings from backlinks.

    Everyone wants to rank highest and even though we hate to admit it, there is a good reason high SE ranking takes time and persistence. If it were easy to obtain high rankings, the internet would be worthless. As it is now, it’s bordering on worthless for many highly competitive search strings.

    Content is king. Period. If you have it, traffic will follow. If you don’t want to put the effort into creating a quality user experience, then your site should be insignificant to the search engines.

    Just my 2 cents.


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