Indiatimes Shopping..nah..not again

I wanted to buy Lion King 1 VCD for my friend, though Planet M is just 5 mins by car from my place, I decided to order the CD from Indiatimes Store online to avoid packing the cd and sending it to courier. (Wanted to send it to Surat, Gujarat)

All went cool till checkout, at the time of checkout it asked me to enter Indiatimes ID or register, I clicked on register option, registered the ID and then tried to login. The system didn’t allow me to login and asked me to register again….I clicked on Forgot Password link, entered the ID…waited…and suddenly some script error popped up saying page not found or something….

I went to their home page again and clicked on forgot password link from there, it took me to some other forgot password page….I entered my ID, it asked me the secret question and I was expecting it to send me the new password or show option to reset the password but instead of that it showed me my password on the screen…I was like WTF…

Okay…that part is over…I copied the password and logged in using same again but it showed me same error…now I got fed up and just clicked on the register link again….and WTF, it took me to indiatimes dating site registration page…

I entered the details and clicked on submit…hmm 10 seconds…20…30….40 seconds…sucks I closed the window, took car keys, went to Plant M and bough the CD…

It sucked totally…I wonder how they allow new customers to register shop on their site….


  1. Hai Gus i dont knw why you suffer at all thse thing i am 4 yesr old customer of indiatimes shoping every time 1 got right product with in SLA period . So i so HAPPY WITH INDIATIMES CUSTOMER SERVICE , READER OFFER DEPT.. ALL THE BEST INDIATIMES REALY YOU ALL ARE GR8 KEEP IT UP BEST OF LUCK ………

  2. Hai Sajad

    I am also 2 year Old customer of indiatimes shopping hmm Also so Happy . I also got time to time delivery when i place order. Customr support is also very good. And also consern Dept of indiatimes is also gr8 . One day 1 customer suport Excetive commet me that you will get the call from our consern dept with in 24 to 48 hrs. But i got call with 12 hrs. That time i was so happy and Really Gr8 service of Indiatimes .. ALL THE BEST INDIATIMES SHOPPING

  3. Thats what you call is real WTF dont want to waste any more time by discussing the pathetic service once again better dont use it and tel others also to stay away & plz give all your F****** regards to indiatimes through these mail ID,s

    ‘’; ’’; ’’; ’’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ’’; ’’; ‘’; ‘’

  4. Beware of these selfstyled satisfied customers of indiatimes online shopping. The people belonging to none other than have, once again, playing their dirty tricks by posing themselves as real customers to dupe the new and ignorant customers.

  5. Worst Service Ever

    I have taken the services of indiatimes for my website registration and hosting services. Fist at the time of domain registration there employees did send me the account activation mail. After at the time of hosting i am not able to publish my website after number of repeated attempts. When ever you give a call to there help center no body picks your call. And if you send them any mail so they hardly reply. i am totally pissed off with the kind of service being provided by indiatimes

  6. mail order bussiness in india is totally unprotected as many other bussinesses. in india cheaters have many ways of doing bussiness. anyway, thanks all mail-senders for alerting.
    13july timesofindia pg13 shows an advt of indiatimes shopping. tel nos are provided-09867748888/09910118888.
    if you have a problem why not write in readers letters of times. these companies are thugs and in a way times is an accoplice to it.

  7. dear friend,in INDIA,commercialisation of moral values happen.all are just victims.capitalist,beaurocrats,politicians are gamming with people.justice system too fight against corruption is emerging need as second freedom of fight. Be activist of any anti corruption movement running nearby you.if you want to know how to fight corruption just email.,,

  8. Hi Guys

    Hmm Sahil..i Am so happy bcz i am daily shopping customer of indiatimes shopping. All time i got the good product and good services provided by indiatimes as well as customer services

    By By and Tk Cr..

  9. Hi Guys,

    I’m a regular online shopper. I was planning to buy a digicam and was seeing the prices on the indiatimes shopping portal which was attractive. But i always go through the customer feedbacks when i buy anything from any portal and when i read few hundred lines of curses about them, i changed my plan, I would rather be happy to pay little extra and get the item rather then paying less and crying big time. Thanks guys.



  10. Thanks for this page. I was looking for an online shopping to buy a Mp3 player – something like the ipod. saw an advt regarding times of india shopping and was searching for the site thro google search. the first site lead me to your page which has so many disappointed customers.

    Indiatimes shopping … nah…NOT FOR ME

    I will drive to one of the hundreds near home……..

  11. I had a similar experience with indiatimes, booked for a mixer grinder with free LG microwave, pick up 4 cheque came within a day and the mixer grinder came a few days later, but no sign of the microwave, called up several times with out any response, at last the microwave arrived but damaged so i returned it and then started my ordeal, these people did not bother to call back nor would they transfer to any superior in charge, at last after taking the name of my family lawyer and threatening legal action did the microwave arrive but even then it arrived by blue dart the dilevery guy would not let me open to check for damages, anyways the parcel was opened only to find the right side of the body of the microwave damaged………….

  12. Hi Guys,

    I had ordered for MP4/DVD Player online i had recieved on time however when i tried to start it it did not at all. The lead provided for TV output broke in the first attampt. Now i dont understand that what should i do coz what they shown in the image online and what was delivered to me was tottaly different.. now i will surely go consumer court and will see these cheaters.

  13. Another Sad and frustrating story…..

    My family was planning to buy a new Food Processor. Since during this Diwali there were several offers floating around, we found one from Indiatimes in TOI.
    It said
    Lowest Price Challenge .
    There was a picture of a Phillips Food Processor that had 5 Jars for only Rs 2990/- We found the offer irresistible. I called up to order. However, since I had been dong some online research, I saw a similar price on the Indiatimes website for a Philips Food processor; however that had only one jar ( model # HR7620). I counter checked the same model on the Philips website, and it had only on jar per specs. So when I called the Indiatimes agent to place my order, I reconfirmed with him the model #. He gave me the same model # HR7620 and confirmed it has 5 jars as the pic in the newspaper adv. I ordered the product order # 111325159. This was around the 10th of Oct 2008. We received the product in about 10 days. And as I was expecting, it had only one jar. From there started a series of phone calls. I explained my problem and raised a complain # 815143. I was assured resolution/ action within 48hrs. As usual the agents keep promising, but no one @ the back end really working on the issues. There were no calls from them. I had to call back repeatedly and each time explains the problem to each new agent, who intern were only making promises of some one getting back to me. @ times when I asked to if I could speak with a supervisor I was kept on hold for 10 mts and then told no one is available to talk right now. It was frustrating. All this while I did not use the product that was kept packed up @ home.
    Around 5th Nov, I was told we by them that they realized their mistake that the
    picture of the product was not what they were selling. A huge Fraud to fool people.
    The resolution provided was to just cancel the order and return the product 🙂
    I asked for compensation, and the agent told me he will get back….no one yet has got back to me.

    So bottom lines ….don’t get lured by any print media offers of Indiatimes.
    Sue them….


  14. Praveen Kumar sethia 19-Nov-2008 at 6:47 pm

    I purchased 3 products under 60% Cash back offer out of which 1 order got cancelled and I received other 2. As per terms of the offer I needed to purchase worth 1000 and my 2 products crossed 1000 Rs mark so i was eligible for 60% Cash Back. I never received mail having Gift Coupons worth 60% of my purchase. On 12th Nov I send mail to stating non-receipt of Cash back yet but there was no reply. I called customer care on 14th and they provided 3 GC of 250, 250 and 182 resp. Two of the GC were already expired on 13th and one still active. They told me that I need to forward mail to with information for extension of validity as it has already expired and I received it expired. I did the same but no reply again. I called them today and they are not entertaining any extension saying that they have sent the mail long ago. I dont beleive that if they would have send it I should have received and I m not a fool that i will not use free GC to purchase.
    Is there any chance that I can sue them for the same for higher penalties and that too not taking much monetary expenses as I know that they have bigger reach and I may loose case.

  15. Praveen write a mail to
    I had faced a lot of problem, but after postig the blog, i am getting positive response and hep from indiatimes.
    I also posted my grievences on

    Try it!
    All the best

  16. Shopping at site was a horrible experience. I quite agree with the other posts that these people are frauds and cheats. The customer care doesn’t work; agents are uncouth and drop the call at drop of the hat! Worse, the products don’t get delivered and oh yes, the supervisors are never available. I don’t know what can get worse, the products that they sell or their customer service – or perhaps I should dis-service/ harassment. Finally, I am also thinking of filing a consumer court case for non-delivery of the product that I had ordered. I strongly recommend anyone against buying from Indiatimes. Frauds and cheats behind a good brand like TimeGroup.

  17. Chander Pal Singh 09-Dec-2008 at 2:47 pm


    I agree with all the other online shoppers with their comment on India times shopping comments. I felt that all of the complaints are valid. Even I had a worst experience while shopping online on India times. I had placed 2 orders on India times on 19 may and I was told that the products will be delivered within 7 working days and after that on 26 November I had received an e mail stating that my order was shipped and will be delivered to my place within 7 working days. I said o k. and then I called customer care on 2 December where in I was promised that I will get the products by 5th dec at any cost. Now you can easily find out that my orders did not get deliver on 5th so I called up on 7th dec and this time I was told that I will receive till today evening but I have got them. Again I called on 8th December this time the executive who picked up my phone was so rude and told me that I need to call on 9th dec and can complaint. When I wish to speak with any of the manager I was told that they are not available. Later I was put on on hold for 21 minutes and then I hung up and dialed customer care no. again this time I was again put on hold for 11 minutes and no one came back. I am now seriously looking forward to teach a lesson to these cheaters.

  18. I completely agree with the people who have posted these comments. I myself was a victim, till the time I started chasing Indiatimes and their Vendor – going by the ID – I am also posting the kind of letter I had to write to these fellows.

    I am not able to get any kind of clear picture from your organization. If this is the way you deal with your customers then this leaves a lot of be desired. This is more akin to frauds and cheats than a supposed to be respectable organization like times group or Indiatimes…

    First of all, your call center based customer service is pathetic. The agents, on the pretext of putting call on hold, actually drop the call. I had to try 3 times before I got through enough to be able to talk to someone sensibly – some Ms. Krishna, while the supervisor – Ms. Sindhu was not available. Supervisors or floor managers are never available, are they? They are simply too busy attending meetings than actually attend to the customers. I wonder whether they realize that they are actually paid to handle customers…

    I was informed that there is indeed a complaint number – 851400 and that the last time call was dropped as the previous agent had opened this complaint! What a way to inform the customer – the complaint is registered, don’t bother to inform the customer what the complaint number is or that some action is about to be taken, just disconnect… while the customer is on hold.

    I got an affirmation – that I would be contacted by someone from Indiatimes within 48-72 hours. As if all SLA are supposed to be applicable to customers only. You guys don’t wait for 48-72 hours while extracting payment, do you?

    Finally – somebody did call (surprise surprise) from 011-46539525 and coolly informed me that the product was indeed delivered to my premises but since nobody was there so it was returned. Dismayed (since there is usually somebody at my home) – I still complied and asked what can be done about it now. I was informed that I would be notified of the next possible action – guess what – in another 48-72 working hours.

    After sometime – I got a call from Mumbai this time – 02265262143 – some Ms. Kinjal – frankly – I don’t know why somebody would put a person with that level customer interaction skills at that position – informed me that she was speaking from Indiatimes. Now the lady gave me completely another version – that they (i.e. Indiatimes or the vendor) didn’t have any stock and hence the order was never shipped! She will try to ship it by Monday or possibly Tuesday (whenever convenient to the supplier I guess) and that I would be informed accordingly. When I asked when this information might trickle down to me – I was again given the same standard SLA – 48-72 business working hours!

    I informed the lady that there seems to be some mistake – the website says order has been shipped (she negated with furious zeal); call center says – a delivery was attempted and returned back due to no response and you are saying that it was never shipped. 3 different versions from 3 different sources. A disaster in terms of information/ status management.

    I finally asked whom am I really talking to? I was informed that I was talking to the vendor… run by some Mr. Suresh Jain and I can happily keep calling and pursuing the matter till either I am dead or the vendor runs out of business Suresh Jain; 022-24324536.

    I have read sufficient reviews on the internet, alas after making the mistake of buying from you – got duped by the brand name behind (times group) you see. Being associated with customer interaction industry, I can certainly help you guys devise your customer contact and handling strategy. Reach me if you wish to improve your image from cheats/ fraud to a respectable company…

    Oh and if in the meantime, you can be so kind as to deliver the product that I purchased with my hard earned money (in one piece and preferably… the same one that I ordered) I would be highly obliged. I know it’s a tall order that I am asking for. You must be wondering – what is this guy for real? – He is actually asking us to deliver for what he paid for – in working condition and to the right address also? Amazing, but it does happen in the real world you know…

    There was ensuing confusion. One fine day I get a call from Indiatimes with the agent asking since the product can be delivered; they would like to cancel the order. Remember, by this time, the vendor is already saying that they are trying to ship the product and got delayed due to insufficient stock. I concur and tell the agent that he can do whatever he wishes just get me the product or the money. He promptly hangs up the phone (amazing).

    Some days later, I get the call from Indiatimes that my product is being shipped! I ask for courier details, they are not provided. I pursue the matter and even contemplated visiting their office in Gurgaon (Yes I know where it is…), but drop the plan when I get a screenshot of the courier page.
    The courier guys suddenly land up without calling first. Fortunately, someone was at home to take delivery… The product turns out to be packaged, but not assembled. There was nothing in the product literature to suggest that assembling would have to be done by the customer. Still I do that. Turns out that one of the components is bent out of shape… typical… i hammer it into shape myself for proper assembly. Other components of the product appear to be used (with paint coming off in some places). I really thought about filing a consumer court complaint, but then dropped the idea, at least for sometime, out of sheer frustration with the whole process. A mistake from my side that I ever tried to buy anything from Indiatimes.

    These guys don’t know what customer service is… are frauds and cheats when it comes to delivering value for money and the quality of product. They are only using the good name of Times Group. Since I happen to be somewhat connected in the industry, I am planning to pursue through my contacts and find out who is really running this outfit and offer my services to improve things… or advise them to shut shop and stop harassing people.

  19. Hi All,

    I have earlier put my grievances against Indiatimes Shopping. Here some some silver liniing to the episode. After writing a mail to, I got a respnmse from one of their escalaion manager. Th guy has been very helpful in resolving my issues.

    Go for it..write to the above mail id .


  20. hii
    i was working in indiatimes shopping
    n seriousl speaking till now they have till given my salary
    though i have given resign n fulfill all the responsibilities
    it was planned by our seniors on every sunday that how we have to cheat with customers
    n if we cheat with any of the custmr at that time we were given RS.400 on cheating with every custmr
    so pls dont order anything frm indiatimes

  21. Hi Sajjad,

    you do a good job. I remember when you had helped me resolve my prblem. However the process you guys have has gaps.

    Everyone , please write on the above email id , i am sure Sajjad would help.


  22. i cant believe i didn’t see this before i made the horrendous mistake of shopping with indiatimes..

  23. I also purchased a camera phone (Rs 5000)from
    at the time of booking they promised that they will give Rs 1000 Gift coupons wich can be used to purchase anything from site.
    but when i got the coupons, it was wrtten to purchase flower / very very costly pen(min price 12,550) .
    they have innovative ideas to make u fool.
    I never recomend the site to any one.
    no….. not at all.

  24. They idiots,

    i put two orders for them. one i looked and see the status as out of stock, although amount was deducted immediately, the other first mentioned as shipped now shown as canceled. who they think they are. thugs at the street corner. what sort of ready made messages is affixed below. they piece of shits, how come i get to expect to enjoy a wonderful shopping experience when they cannot even meet smallest commitments from their part. they piece of shits, as for ideas, they get that from people running their newspaper and jain group, the enterprises behind this bullshit if thats the case. when did they started running the country, the republic of india. there may be people who may be thinking they people are great. they do nonsense, and send in english ready made messages to make up for that. shameless a**holes. they keep the money. they shameless a**holes. i committed to get something. not to bear nonsense from they for nothing. they make me come to their website, and offer a product, take money, make me wait for five to ten days, only to say, what? india is the only country where any nonsense can be accommodated. still they will send they the reply and ask for comments (because their IQ as per international survey is well below that of a counterpart who may be doing this sort things on smaller scale but still on a better way in diff. part of the world) . they piece of shits, take care. they a** holes. dont tell after 5 to 10 days what they are up to. take this to court. make a complain for use of obscene words and send me to jail. my proper name and address can be faxed to them, just send a court order, something seen common in india where one get to arrest a petty thief involved with Rs.10, but may be giving protection to matters involving higher amounts (rights of all, privileges of few). God forbid them big times a**holes still in business fooling countless number of people of their hard earned for nothing. their website is a mess, their attitude even more messier than the website. still too proud. a** holes. take a mirror. and see what this means to biggest a**hole running the operation, the guy at top, the stupid, who cannot even see, what his company is doing. they will do same thing to him also ( take money from him, and tell him ten days after that his order is canceled- they piece of shit, they owe more to a customer than to the guy at top). then for what the they maintain this website.

  25. Recently they have started spamming corporate mail boxes with shopping offers from . They have a unsubscribe link at the bottom and it is not effective.

    Everybody should inform Cyber Cell regarding cheating by Indiatimes and it should be published in local newspapers.

    A WHOIS lookup displays Manish Jain, as the domain owner and address as:

    I world tower
    Dlf phase V, opp golf course sector road,

    Nobody is properly responding to calls and does not know who Manish Jain is. I am planning to inform the Internet Registrars about this and their spamming activities.

  26. Hi all…………….. New member of Group (Indiatimes sucks group)
    Ordered a toy as a gift on 8th of Feb 2010, received the gift on 14, but it was broken, I contacted them and returned the product, and I was told that the refund will be done with in 5 working days,.

    There is no refund till now, every alternate day, I call them and I get the same (dam) response, I spoke to their supervisors with no luck……..

    I also most spent 1/3 of my order amount for my phone bill…


  27. yogesh divekar 28-Apr-2010 at 9:51 am

    this indiatimes websites people are pakka chor.
    they show sometyhing and send something.
    recently i have ordered some home applinces , what i mgot and what they show is totally different…i wrote them several times but after 10th mail one call and again no reply………pl advice all your freind not to buy any thing from this poratl


    I have another story to tell you guys about my experience of indiatimes shopping. Please go thru below mail, you will get to know


    I am writing it to put in your kind notice that I bought a Spy Camera
    pen from you (order # 112299136). Unfortunately that was faulty and
    I reported about that on 18/04/10 (complaint # 225132). I was told
    that I will get it replaced within 5 working days, that ended on
    24/04/10. I again called you guys to know the status. This time you
    guys demanded 2 more days to sort it out. I waited another 2 days and
    called on the evening of 26/04/10 @6.45pm. This time I am told that it
    will take another 4-5 days, which is just to collect YOUR FAULTY
    product….. when will get a working condition pen…God knows. I am
    very disappointed with the type services you are providing?????????????

    Can I know the reason,
    1. Why a faulty product was delivered?
    2. Why can’t you take it back and return my money if you can’t
    supply a good quality of product?
    3. If it is not at all possible to return money, when can I get a
    Spy Camera pen in WORKING CONDITION?

    Will you be able to achieve your business target by providing such
    services? I have doubt!!!!

    Hope to sort it out ASAP and improve your services.

    Thanks in advance,

    Prem ”


  29. It’s with regret and disappointment, I have to say that we should avoid shopping with indiatimes and there offers in Times Of India.

    Recently I ordered an ephone which is faulty and does not recognize memory card, second sim card and the usb cable is broken.

    I filed a complaint on 20/5/2010 : 270881 (which actually they provided me wrongly as 270882, which was another mistake from their side.). After several calls at least 20 they now say that the complaint no is closed because of insuffcient information and generated a new complain, they do not let me escalate this case and their executives are so rude (I spoke to Vikas, Pankaj and many more but they all are cattle class)

    If Mr. Amit Kumar who is supervisor of these executives reading this then please look in to it.

    I am in Symantec 3rd largest software company in the world and thats is because we care for our customer.

    My advice, never do shopping with indiatimes.

    Symantec Corps.

  30. Abhishek Kalia 29-Jun-2010 at 1:19 pm

    India Shopping – Cheaters

    I had bought a Pen video camera from Indiatimes shopping vide my
    Order no.112253113 dt. 11/3/2010.

    The Pen Video Camera delivered to me was a defective piece and I
    lodged complaint with Indiatimes and they told me to deliver the
    defective material to their representative m/s TNT Courier, which I
    did vide TNT Receipt No. DO 648 893 706 WW DT. 05/05/2010., and I
    will be sent the other defect less Pen Camera in a week’s time.

    I called on Indiatimes phone no.9910118888 on 18/05/2010 and after
    holding on for more than 20 minutes some Mr. Sushil of Indiatimes
    Call Centre gave Docket no 268059 and told that the New Pen Camera
    will be delivered to me in 4 working days.

    After waiting for many days I called again on phone no.9910118888
    04/06/2010 and again waiting for more than 20 minutes I was told by
    Mr.Vikas the delivery will be on 8/6/2010.

    On 08/06/2010 when I did not receive the Pen Camera I called again the
    same phone no. then the same person Mr.Vikas of India time gave me
    new Complaint no. 289257 with new delivery date of 14/06/2010

    Again on 14/6/2010, when I did not receive Pen Camera I called
    Indiatimes phone I was assured by Mr.Vibhanshu that the Pen Camera
    will be positively delivered on 15/06/2010

    I called again on 16/6/2010 at 6.55 p.m., when I did not receive any
    thing Mr.Sanjay of Indiatimes registered a new complasint no. 292165
    and told me the delivery will take 4 days and now it will be delivered
    on 20/06/2010.

    Again when it was not delivered I called on 22/06/2010 the same
    Mr.Sanjay gave me the same complaint no 292165 with new delivery date

    I did not receive anything from Indiatimes and called again on
    28/06/2010 and one Mr.Pankaj Kumar first told that he can give me
    refund as they have no stock of Pen Camera , but when I insisted he
    told me to wait till 1st July 2010. On the other side they still are
    giving advertisements for the same product to lure public and
    simultaneously saying it is out of stock. I donot know when I will
    receive since I donot see positive intention of Indiatimes , this is
    a daylight robbery and cheating Indiatimes is commiting..

    Each time I called Indiatimes, they have kept me waiting for more than
    20 minutes and perhaps I may have to spend more on phone calls
    than the Pen Camera is worth , leave apart the time wasted on making
    futile phone calls to Indiatimes.

    I have read many complaints against Indiatimes Shopping on internet
    regarding the befooling of innocent public who fall their prey with
    their Advertising and waste their time and money.

    Is there no law enforcing Agency or forum in India who can take to
    task such inclandistine shopping shops .

    I will like to lodge a Police Complaint against India shopping
    chating , if my order is not accomplished in spite of so much follow

    I hope Indiatimes Shopping will wake up and stop cheating innocent Public.

    Abhishek .Kalia
    404, IFCI Park View
    GH-15 , Sec- 46,
    Faridabad – 121001

    Ph: 9811076969 , 9910124851

  31. Yes you are absolutely right , Indiatimes Shopping are big Scamsters and are involved in fraudulent activities , which needs to be checked by Police Department – Economic Offense Wing.

    All sufferers should send their Complaints to Economic Offense Wing of Delhi Police.

    More over some News Channel should put the public on Alert by giving news about this Scamsters.

    Hope Indiatimes Shopping will shut its shop soon and go behind Bars.


  32. This sort of service is not limited to the shopping alone. Indiatimes paid mail services is also equally horrible. This is my fifth day of official mail services not working. Local contact, call center, mails to web support – every thing has become useless.

    We will never recommend this mail service to anyone and am moving the other mail mail services also from Indiatimes.

  33. saju gopalakrishnan 21-Dec-2010 at 8:31 pm

    i bought one mobile for my cousin, i paid additional charge for packing and writing HAPPY NEW YEAR but those cheats did not do any packing just took the money. thanks GOD at least i got the item. beware of this shopping site anything can happen, try to aviod it as much.

  34. The worst shopping experience ever, ordered a leather jacket that was made out of rexine.Going to consumer court.


    by: NARAYAN, May 27th at 9:57 pm

  36. 1. I ordered for Videocon mobile phone V6200 aginst advertisement in Nav Bharat Times Readers Offer on 5/10/2011 with reference Id No.05101115703.
    2. The phone was delivered to me on 14/10/2011 with complete payment in cash.
    3. On opening the box , the condtion of packing of the phone was such that it has been repacked as all accesorries were packed in haphazard way. More over When I started the phone , its back OLED screen was not working and also left up side MFD key was not working . It shows that phone is repaired one. And I have been cheated by Indiatimes .com.

    4. Immediately after checking I lodged the complaint with at phone No. 09876848888 on the same day on 14/10/2011 about defective and repaired piece delivered to me. The complaint No given to me is : 392256. And I was told by customer care executive that you will bw contacted within 24 hours.

    5. But when I contacted again on 16/10/2011 i.e. after more than 48 hours, customer care executive told me that you will be contacted after Monday. I also contacted on 17/10/2011, 18/10/2011, 19/10/2011.

    Due to careless and linger on attitude of Indiatimes after taking payment, I feel that I have been cheated by India Therefore I requested to either replace the mobile phone with new and non-defective phone OR refund my complete amount of Rs. 5200=00.
    Further, I want to let you know about cheating by your vendor i.e.:

    1. The printed IMEI No on Invoice/Challen is : 91001110016829 which have been corrected by blue pen manually as 910011100159498.

    2. The printed IMEI No. on box /phone is: 910011100059498.

    3. Therefore, the cheating intention of your vendor was pre-decided as IMEI No. on mobile phone & Invoice/Challan does not resemble even after manual correction. Inspite of repeated reminders and complaints is not responding properly . THEY ARE CHEATERS. I REQUEST ALL READERS NOT TO PURCHASE ANY ITEMS THROUGH INDIATIMES.COM

  37. Did you try posting it on Twitter? Their twitter ID is –

    Also, I would suggest, anytime, before spending more than 10,000 online, just google about the website, mostly with the combination of words like fraud, scam etc.. this way, you will get negative feedback results. (if any)

  38. Yes, you should get a refund. They are not frauds but yeah they have bunch of bad, really bad customer support guys.. so the whole thing might get delayed.. but twitter should help to speedup everything.

  39. Anant Srivastava 07-Sep-2012 at 10:40 am

    Once again India times Shopping has proved there pathetic response and way of doing business. I don’t understand why these people are in this line. I think they are best in industry on failing to their trying to be customers.

    I ordered two items from the site on 29 Aug 12. The system gave me delivery date as 06 Sept 12. (Which these people thought it is 2013). As habit of India times shopping, the product was not delivered and the customer is said to f… off. I had called almost 5 to 6 times on the customer service number (which is actually not service, people are sitting at that end just to hear bad words from the customer and so that customer can vent out their frustration on them). Those people again generated some complaint number, which is still a just boring and nothing to do number.

    Nothing has been done tell yet, and after all my efforts I am still left suffering by this great fraud company.If they can’t handle their logistics, then they must pack their bags and go out of the market. Rather than focusing on stupid product assortment, its better they must focus on their pathetic working. Also, one Mr. Bhatia (I got his name from one of the many consumer complaint on consumer forum and from one of service executive) i don’t know if he runs this company single handed or wat cauz everything lies in his hand. They must change the name of company from India time Shopping to Bhatia & Co or the Biggest Fraudulent Co.

  40. They do have a customer support but they always lie and promises made are never kept. They never bother to connect to the next escalation level, infact they do not have any escalation matrix defined.

    I received a manufacturer defect product. This is not Indiatimes’s fault, agreed but could they have not acted maturely to my grievance to avoid the mental harassment that I had for almost a month? They indeed could but they definitively did not. Very unprofessional service.

    Read a detailed analysis of their services here:

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