Mera Sachin Wapis Aa Gaya !!!

Well don’t think much if you are not able to understand anything from the title 😀 It means, My Sachin (Tendulkar) is back….I had lost my hope from Sachin Tendulkar but somewhere in my heart there was little expectation that, Sachin will be back in the form…and now finally he is 🙂

He is finally back in form after tennis elbow injury and now same old Sachin with aggressive and intelligent batting…It was time when he used to play very defensive but now that time has gone 🙂 I left office early today just to watch Sachin and it was totally worth leaving half day’s work aside….

And apart from Sachin, whole Indian team is back in form, everyone is playing very well…the first match against Sri Lanka proved that “Yeah, we have a good batting lineup”…and this 2nd match proved that “Yeah, we have very good bowlers too” so in short…the team proved that “Yeah, we are back…” 😀

I hope they keep on playing well forever 🙂


  1. i totally agree with you here deep. and i also find it nice that sourav ganguly is not in team.

  2. Cricket is my religion and sachin is my god. i even forcedm y mother to keep a pic of his in mom’s pooja ghar. But she wants me to remove it which i wont until i find a better place..

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