Another Bad Day Part II

After posting about bad day last Saturday, that client is back with bl*ody a$$…

Today I got mail from him asking for reactivate the hosting account and this time he needed for Rs. 750 (I sell it for Rs. 1000), I told him no politely…hmm..I think mail transcripts will help you to understand the thing better….

So here we go….

Warning for lazy people: Lengthy post ahead..but it is interesting…

Wish u a happy Diwali

chk if u can offer web+mail space of 25 MB at Rs. 750 MB & if so reactivate the same for our domain
Do update with details

We require web based access for POP accounts for the same


Wish you a very Happy Diwali too.
I am really sorry but it won’t be possible.



what’s ur final cost, I have a similar offer from xxx but since we started with u wish to enhance the relationship..chk for final cost & confirm


I request you to go ahead with xxxxx, as it wont be possible for me to come down.



what abt 10 MB space


I do not know how to say this, but after past experiences I would not like to continue business with you.

I am really sorry if I have hurt you but I have to say this after couple of bad experiences in the past.



We are also not happy with your approach & just because of xxx we entertained you

Let me tell u that u are arrogant & too unprofessional

After asking u to provide ur inputs on certain URL u have no time to update on the same except asking for order.

Kindly provide all our domain details rqd to make its transfer


Now I could not stop myself from teaching him that I was entertaining him, not he…this is what I replied


It was just because of xxx I was entertaining you and wasted my time in numerous meetings just for 8 page website and the end result, the site still not up because of lot of delays in the decisions from your side. (I think it’s been almost a year now)

If it was some other company then they would have told this after the fist meeting only i.e. when you had told mailed us saying “We have found someone else for Rs. 5000” and to remind you, it was done after finalizing the quotation and after promising for the 50% advance payment in 2 days.

I did not say anything at that time, after 6 months you contacted me again asking for revised quotation (I have no idea what happened to the person who was going to make site for you at Rs. 5000), so instead of denying I came for the meeting, gave you the revised quotation and the same was finalized and I was asked to collect the 50% cheque in 2 days.

I called up after 2 days, I was told that some research is going for 8 page site (I have no idea what kind of research, I haven’t seen this kind of research while making site for a ISO 9001 certified company with more than 100 employees and more than 10 branches all over india) but still I did not say anything, I waited for the same.

I got an email asking me for 25% in advance and rest after the site is done. Since you were xxx’s client so I said yes and asked to go ahead, you asked me to come to collect the cheque 2 days after that, on calling after 2 days I get to know that some research is still going on.

I called up again after a week, but still some research was going on, I asked for the delivery of invoice since I had no idea whether it has been delivered or not, so instead of that I got arrogant reply saying “We do not like people asking for payments and if you do like this then we will cancel your hosting as well as web design projectâ€Â? now this is what I call as unprofessional. You must understand that, there is nothing like “You are working under me so you should do whatever I tell you”. In this business, everyone here works at equal level.

In the total span of time, I never behaved rudely or never tried to do any unprofessional thing which can hurt the feelings of the client.

In return what I got was arrogant reply which I never expected from any client.

The above points clearly say the unprofessionalism is from other side.

I just entertained you because of xxxx who is my very good friend and I really cannot say no to his clients.

Till now I have dealt with companies which are 10 times smaller and 10 times bigger than your, but no one has ever in my life behaved like this, because they have professionalism and know how to behave with people. It is like, give and take relation, if you talk to people with respect then everyone will be polite but when you start behaving like “Servant Owner” relationship, do not expect anyone to be polite and tell you sorry.

I do not want to get further into this since it will spoil diwali of both of us so it is better to end this and not to be in any misunderstandings.

Coming back to the domain details; I have already sent you the domain details in your welcome email.

Please let me know if you have lost them.

Regards and Good Luck with the site & Business,



And that’s how the whole thing ended…to be frank I was waiting for this moment for long time and today I was thinking that “I wish, he mails me back with the requirements” and he did….and I got great chance to tell him that “You are not any prime minister, come down, start respecting people or get kicked”

This reply gave me a great amount of satisfaction today and that is why I am posting out it in open public…I hope everyone can learn something from this bad experience…


  1. Well you have tought him a good lesson. You have set him right. Such people should be dealt strictly. They think that since he is paying he can order whatever he wants to without thinking what the other one might think about him. Good Job Deep.

    Hope you have a nice Diwali. Happy Diwali.

  2. Oh Deep,

    You bet… clients comes in different shapes and colors.

    I dont think losing him was such a bad idea…. it sure wont put your the light in your “deep” from burning brightly.

    Happy Diwali to You Deep and to others who visit this blog.

    Pankaj “The Bear” Gill

  3. Atlast you got that out of your heart. Great Saints say it is always good to get anger out of your chest and you have probably done the right. Though judging by the guys ex-responses, I’m surprised he hasn’t replied with some thing insulting you or threatening to sue you or some crap. Let’s see how other hosts manage with him. LOL!

    Anyway have a tremendous “Deep”avali Deep and for that matter everyone else too. I don’t think it was a bad day over all, I mean you managed to cool down and that customer got out of your way. So Have a Nice day. *Plays the Bon Jovi Song”

    ~ Retro

  4. thank giod i m not doing the business instead of u or else i wouled flamed him on the third try it self these ppl should be delt the way u did it

  5. I expected this to happen when I read your last blog entry.

    Happy Deepawali and a prosperous new year.


  6. Hiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaaaaa

    How u doin deep saheb? yaarrrr how come we dont talk online now a days huh..i gues u busy in ur work n ova here me busy in ma skool n newayzzzz will talk someday sometime..hehehe

    chalo fir bye n take spl care
    lotsa love,


  7. Real lon……………….ng post. But intresting 🙂

    Such people should be ignored in the first place.

    Happy Diwali … 🙂

  8. yeh i agree .. u were good… its necessary to teach such ppl a good lesson…. keep it up:D

    i liked keto’s relpy “i would have flamed him”… hehe….

    WELL … belted HAPPY DIWAI
    😉 hehe

    i hope u remember me .. i m your old friend…;)

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