1. Its so sad that people resort to such thing.

    Tolerance is a virtue which people seems to lose by the day.
    Or, Maybe that was their way of celebrating diwali

    They dont even bother to think that the month of ramazan is always going on.


    – Pankaj ‘the bear’ Gill

  2. Death toll has risen to 61 and 188 have been injured. Man, today’s HT had a gruesome pic, a policeman was carrying a palm with a napkin.

    f***ing terrorists. close the LOC and still india today decided to open loc again in 7th november

  3. That was such an horrible pic….

    Those who lost their loved one’s would be never able to
    come to terms with it.

    What a terrible waste for no fault of theirs.

    Happy Diwali and Peace

    – Anish

  4. Yes man .. I dont know wat these f*kin people are upto ..

    They really scared the hell out of us ..

    Here in delhi … It wasnt happenin like the previous years ..

    We didnt blow the crackers .. as we dont do it ..but
    It can very much be seen in the mkt n people ..

    Honestly guys .. this time may of our family frends didnt celerate
    that well.

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