Excellent article on IIPM issue

You guys might be aware about the IIPM issue which was raised by JAM Mag and then later blogged by Gaurav Sabnis and many other bloggers…

The IIPM guys sued Gaurav Sabnis for Rs.125 crore which made laugh to everyone who read the letter posted on his blog….then the series of drama and action started, the guy had to quit the job at IBM because of some stupid act done by IIPM guys (they were planning to burn all IBM laptops given for free to the students in from of their office…and that sucks like hell….) then IIPM sued one more blogger, started fake blogs to prove that bloggers suck and IIPM is right…the issue came in many news papers as well as news channels…

This whole thing is covered very well here with very good info about the whole case…you might find the article bit lengthy but it is totally worth reading…


  1. Hmm…Nice Article. I wonder why our local press didn’t give much imp to this. Or I don’t read Newspapers that well. Incidently, here’s something cool, When you first search “IIPM” in Technorati, it’s Deep’s Blog which comes out. LOL!

    BTW, what is the end here?

  2. Gone are the days when Indian newspapers had the guts to take up an issue even with the govt. Not a single big newspaper would do the coverage since IIPM is one of their only full page advertisers. IIPM spends crores every year in newspaper ads and nobody wants to lose their part of the pie.

    TV channels would be shying away too because they have many a times shown the cheat Mr. Chaudhury as very learned guest on many of their programs. So they dont want egg on their face. Sad but true

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