MTNL gives Diwali Gift to Triband users

As expected MTNL gave a real good gift to their Triband customers by announcing new great plans and increasing downloading limit in current plans…

The new plans include: TriB 200P which gives 400MB download a month just for Rs. 199…

New 512 kbps plans include

  • DSL 599 – 1GB Download – Rs. 599
  • TriB1199 – 2 GB Download – Rs. 1199

Other new plans include:

  • TriB Cyber A – 2 mbps – 18 GB download – Rs. 9999
  • TriB Cyber B – 1 mbps – 12 GB download – Rs. 7199

They have also made download limit to double in all old plans…

I am really impressed by the MTNL triband guys…speeds are damn good, rates are very decent compared to other ISPs…and now they surprised everyone by offering double download limit at the same rate….

Very impressive business plan….

View all their plans


  1. Well.. Any Idea of a service provider offering Connection which doesn’t need a phone line…coz i don’t have my phone connection at my in little dilemma here…

  2. well mtnl has slashed rates..

    but any idea if existing customers have to reapply to get the revised rates ? coz i am a customer of 399 plan. and now the same plan is being offered for 199, so would i automatically be billed 199 / month or will i have to apply for a new connection under the 199 scheme to be offered the new rates?

    any suggestions??

  3. Hi shishir,

    DSL 399 plan is same, they have increased the limit from 400 MB to 700 MB. 199 plan is a new plan that they have introduced. So your plan DSL 399 will be same but the download limit will increase to 700 MB.

    If you wish to change the plan, then you need to visit your nearest telephone exchange, fill the plan change fom and it will be done in 2-3 days.


  4. oh ok…

    hey thanks man for the info.. i think i’ll change to the 199 plan as i dont use the 400mb limit fully either. but am a bit skeptical if they would effect a change in the scheme in just 2-3 days. coz it took them 2 & 1/2 months to give me the connection intially after i’d applied

    thanks for the info

  5. I have allready sify brodband connection but i want to switch over mtnl brodbnd. whether it is benefitial? please suggest.

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