Bl00dy M#$#$#%#%s

I just hate these moth#$$$&!#$, we have temple in our society and these temple guys started some function just now at f\*\*\*ing 4.45 AM, they have some kind of band and they started playing it loudly..4 – 5 guys trying hard at drums and some other freakin’ instruments…its f***ing 5 AM and they are disturbing everyone on the name of god…I feel like kicking their a$$…I called up police station but no one picks up there too…

These guys just screwed by sleep…mother f\*\*\*ing a**holes…


  1. Hmm…..Some time they can be a real pain!
    Even I undergow the same when there is any kind of functions!

  2. Is that really you up there Deep? You seldom use such language. Guess that is the extent to which they are troublin you. Look, you are not a bollywood hero to single handedly take them on, so you could perhaps go to a friends house and get sleep there during the time these guys sound up.

    “Service to Man is service to God”. LOL! In the name of good, they beat the living hel l out of our people.

  3. Oh yes, it was me…in anger šŸ˜€ I really hate these guys…next time if they are gonna do like this in day time i.e. around 9 (when possibily police is not sleeping) then i am gonna call up police 100% sure…

  4. Lol .. I was an active member of Durga jhanki in our locality till this year .. So I lobbied to put those giga-megaphones to not face my home .. šŸ˜€ .. Nobody actually like those but they tolerate it because it happens only 18 days in a year …

  5. Lol .. Yesterday just as I finished reading that post, the guys in the nearby Mandir started some program which ran all over the night .. My headphone came handy . šŸ˜›

  6. lol lately i see lot’s of gaali galuch in your blogs šŸ˜› . Yeah it is damn irritating I used to under go this torture during ram navami when I used to live in Airforce Quaters šŸ˜

    ..:: peace ::..

  7. huh!! this is pretty much the case everywhere & this happens often in Hindu & Sikh community as I’ve seen it!! Sometimes there’ll be some punjaabi or sikh family near us who’ll have some paath themselves or by some satsang party with their ruddy loudspeakers out or some bhajan-kirtan or jagran with loud speakers blaring so loud that a person might go deaf & have a heart attack!! they just don’t care if anyone else mind it or not!!

    I especially took care of this when we had a jagran in august, told the jagran-party to keep the volume only as high as it can be heard within the perimeters!! If only others were as considerate, the world would’ve been a better place!! šŸ™‚

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