Updates day..

Its bl**dy 4.10 AM and I have just finished upgraded few scripts and server softwares. I started with updating PHP to 4.4.1 on both of my servers, that did not take much time since it was done from WHM but the most of my time went in upgrading vbulletin to 3.5.1 along with flashchat and few other plugins…updating vbulletin took some 15 mins…

Then I started with the skins, I cleaned old skins and uploaded xml files of skins, added few variants of Aria too this time..things went smoothly and it removed my old modification in templates (adding adsense code, modifying navbar etc..)..I decided to work on that after finishing with Flashchat

Updating flashchat was real pain…I have it integrated with vbulletin, so now getting updated version working with it was pain..I just replaced all the files except config files, it didn’t work…it was showing me blank page…so I decided to install it again..then also same result..blank page…and after playing with it for couple of hours…I found the was wrong path in one of the files in flashchat and because of that it was creating problems…

So that issue was also fixed….

So now I started with modifying templates, added adsense code and modified navigation took around 10 minutes..

And now finally everything is done and now I can sleep for some time 😀

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