IE Developer toolbar rocks

Today I installed recently launched Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar and I must say they have made a really cool handy tool for developers.

It has got many handy cool features like, HTML, CSS validation checks, display ruler on the page, display image size & dimensions, display image report including all details about the images on the site etc…

I personally like it very much because of the features but I would like to suggest one more feature which can disable CSS of the page…(I will suggest it in their blog 😉 )

You can get IE toolbar here. Similar version of toolbar for FireFox (obviously not MS creation) is also available here


  1. Hi,
    I just installed micro toolbar from that page, it screwed my brwoser panels and toolbars and then i had to delete the toolbar to make everything normal… (I think micro toolbar was for some diff it messed up the things)

    Then I installed Web Developmer Menu but then it did not show me the “page” option which it shows in the screenshot provided on their site..

    Compared to that IE one is very easy to install (the worst part is, it needs a reboot) and the options are good enough..


  2. Hey Deep,

    The IE toolbar sucks, i tried it out its not that good, I liked the one which firefox has its pretty good and useful for a person like me

    The firefox bar is really rocking for me.


  3. hmm strange, I found it very useful…I really liked the shortcuts to validate HTML, CSS and also I liked image and resize options


  4. The same is with firefox too, but with that you can edit the css straight out of the box, and see the changes instantly.

    So thats why i think it rocks, you can also debug forms through ff toolbar and do more stuff except i think for the ruler thats avialable in ie bar.

    Its ok not that good, i think fire fox one is maybe more better than the IE option.


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