Write Write and Die

Writing lengthy mails, documentations is the worst job for me and I really cannot do it well….And doing it today for quite some time now…Its like, I write for 10 minutes and then take a break for 15 minutes…damn I need to get used to this and spend more time in writing rather than in breaks lol

Still 3 more emails to write with documentation…I need some power to write fast 😀


  1. Hey,

    I agree with you, but i need totally man the most boring and tedious work in my job is to create documentation.

    Though i am team lead i still have to write the specs but am glad that i dont have to write the working documentation that i assign to someone else 🙂


  2. writing(like coding) is actually fun when you get used to it. its just like sex, you can never get enough of it!! 😉 but I guess that yo network admin types can’t have any love for it, you guys just like to do things simple, like a few character commands at DOS or SHELL!! 😛

  3. hehe nahi, I am in more stuff like PHP and SEO too but yeah..very basic PHP but keith..he is totally into coding..he knows how tiring work writing docs is haha…

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