Now Indian film stars also blogging

The word “blog” has reached the ears of Indian film industry also. It started with Amir Khan blogging for the movie Mangal Pandey has now made other film wallahs to blog too. It has been used as great marketing tool which helps stars to interact with the general public and in fact it is very good and smart effort. But the question remains is…Do these stars really blog? I personally feel, they have hired few people to write on behalf of them..

In case if you are wondering which new movie I am talking about…it is movie called Apaharan, you will find Bipasha Basu, Nana Patekar, Prakash Jha and other actors blogging.


  1. Well, I don’t care if they really blog or not but I just hope someone makes them aware of the better blogging platforms like wordpress :P. It was for the first time I saw the layout of rediffblogs and all I gotta say is its atrocious.

  2. dont forget the msn blogs i hate them totaly these ppl never understand i guess but its true ppl look in the reddif and indiatimes site more than wordpress or blogger

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