Harry Potter and the kid

Nah…its not name of the next part of Harry Potter movie…I just returned from the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I had gone with my sis, her friend and friend’s cousin (who is in KG)…the movie was good but the kid was more interesting…

Every other minute he was coming up with new questions and it was real fun answering the questions…few of the questions are:

This happened when Harry Potter meets Lord Voldemort…
So the kid started…

Who is he?…now Harry Potter will die? who are these people around him? and then suddenly big question…what is the time? I was he asked again…I said 10 PM..he asked..when will movie end? I said 10.30 PM…he said ok….

So next what will happen?..I said now Harry Potter will kill that person..his next question was ready…When? and before I answer he 10.20 PM harry potter will kill him right..I said yes…

So everything finish…he said…Harry Potter didn’t kill him..I said..he will kill him in next part…he how much more time? I year…his last question ended with..we will come again to watch it na…I said YES !!!

I really enjoyed answering his questions than watching movie…haha


  1. i guess u need to get ready for the next year as the questions wud just increasse by then.Also the movie was great i loved it as any other kid wud have but only difference is i didnt have a small kid with the kid with me was much elder it was my sis

  2. As far as I know the lastest movie has been given a PG 13 rating which certainly means that it is very scary for kids…but this kid…:D wow…has a lot of guts !!!

  3. Well I dunno bout you… But the people aroud you must have had a hard time watching the movie… 😛

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