I am a Sony man….

I can call myself Sony man now…haha First Sony Vaio then I got Sony Digital Camera and now Sony Ericsson W550i 🙂

I must say, it is a great sexy phone with superb sound quality…and with help of Jayant, I managed to find way to lock keypad, click a pic and couple of more things… lol

The decision to buy the phone was kinda super quick..I was talking to my friend about cell phones..he said…w550i costs around 15.5K (INR) now…I was like, cool..that’s great…then let’s check it out in the shop and see how does it look in real…and on the way…I somehow decided to buy it…I didn’t have that much cash in my hand…so I wanted to buy it using my credit card but the shop guy was asking for 2% more so then I decided to get some money from my friend’s account lol…he gave me his card, took money outa’ ATM and that’s how I got the cell 😀


  1. Yeah, they make awesome products, but watch out for software bugs, you may get an old version if you’re unlucky ! Personally, I think their digicams are the best. I’m waiting for a economical combination of 3 MP Cam + Cell Phone + 5 Gig Music player, and that’s when I buy.

    Video would be a bonus 😉

  2. Why did you buy Sony Cybetshot DSC-S60? I mean was there any specific reason for getting Sony? I’ve heard a lot of people say that Nikon is better & I think that Nikon 4600 is just about the same cost as the one you got!!

    umm, as for me, nothing’s better than a Kodak & my Kodak LS753 just rocks!! 🙂

  3. hmm Nikon doesnt have video shoot in cams with 4.1 mega pixels (if they have then without sound)…and nikon and sony both are almost same in 4.1 mega pixel range..the pics on steve’s guide are very similar in both the cams and both are rated high…

    So I went for sony as both are same..


  4. I didn’t know that Nikon had phones as well, I was talking about their camera, the Nikon 4600 & certainly does have video shooting with sound.

    I agree with the price, they are almost similarly priced, but I thought that Nikon had somewhat better picture quality. I might’ve been mistaken, since I haven’t tried a Sony camera yet, just Nikon & Kodak & I liked Kodak ofcourse!! But a thing with Kodak is that it certainly does give quality but that comes at quite a pricetag!! 🙁

    So, does your Sony camera supports a memory card(SD or MMC) or does it requite a memory stick?

  5. edited phone to cam…
    About vid, well it doesnt have with sound..check details here

    About the memory card support on my phone, it doenst have support for that, and I dont need more than 256 mb on my phone…


  6. oh, I didn’t know exactly that Nikon didn’t have sound, eh!! Just tried some pics with it. 😉

    As for no support of expandable memory on your phone, well, that’s too bad, I mean what’s the use of a walkman phone when you are stuck with a 256MB memory!! 😉 but I was talking about your camera(read my last comment again), does it support a card(mmc or sd or any other) or does it require a memory stick?

  7. too bad…too bad..I need some reading lessons lol

    Yes cam has support for memory stick…but only Sony memory stick pro.

    About phone, actually I think quite differently, I do not see any point in having more memory in phone as it generally becomes slow if the phone is stuffed with lot of stuff….

    My first pref. for the phone was, a good looking phone with latest technology…I am not even gonna use their walkman feature much lol but I liked the style and features so bought it… 🙂


  8. too bad…too bad..I need some reading lessons

    yes, you definitely need some reading lessons!! 😛

    Yes cam has support for memory stick…but only Sony memory stick pro

    yeah, I guessed so. Its one of the reasons I didn’t consider Sony when buying my camera, they are so user-unfriendly!! First they support only Memory Sticks which cost a fortune & then that too only from themselves, ruddy monopolistic behaviour, they are worse than Microsoft!! 😡

    My first pref. for the phone was, a good looking phone with latest technology…I am not even gonna use their walkman feature much lol but I liked the style and features so bought it

    lol, then its a waste I think if you won’t be using Walkman!! you could’ve got Nokia 3230, it costs almost same or less & has the same features as yours with an option to expand memory if you want, or you could’ve got Sony Ericsson K750i. 😉

  9. hmm Actually sony moemory stick cost same as other ones in the market so doesnt really make any difference accoridng to me… + one more advantage is, my laptop has seperate slot specially for memory stick pro too…

    About phone, I said, I wont be using much as other people do…coz I hardly get time to do personal stuff…and as I said earlier the main reason for buying it was the style..i really liked the way phone looked and it had all the features what I wanted, superb sound quality, good colors etc…

    3230 has problem of phone being slow, looks not that good and it hungs up frequnetly..k750i doesnt look good…

    Actually I wanted to go for Nokia 6280 but it hasnt arrived in went for this one…

  10. well, what I meant by memory stick’s cost was that its expensive than an MMC or SD card. Like I got my Kingston 512MB SD card for Rs.2250 & I can bet that a 512MB memory stick will cost quite a bit more, above Rs.3000 if I’m not wrong!! however that’s only a 1-time investment, & then since you have a Sony laptop, maybe its good for you!! 😉

    so you got the phone only for ‘ishtyle’!! 😉 yeah, the walkman phones look pretty cool with that orange colour, I really like that. 🙂

    I didn’t know 3230 was slow, haven’t even seen one except in pics & I thought it looked pretty cool. 😉

    Actually I wanted to go for Nokia 6280 but it hasnt arrived in went for this one…

    yeah, that’s a real cool phone. you could’ve bought it on eBay from somewhere outside India. I bought my Kodak from US since the LS753 isn’t available in India!! 🙂

  11. I got my memory stick pro 512 MB for Rs. 2100
    Costs for sony and non-sony momory sticks are same here in Mumbai. I have no idea about the market in other cities.


  12. uhh, that’s pretty cool, since my friend who has a Sony camera said that it Sony’s memory stick costs about Rs.2000 for 256MB at the Sony dealer where he enquired!!

  13. Deep,
    I M thinking the other way round. I want a phone which has an expandable memory like Sony W800i. Also W900i is expected to be launced which is hybrid of W550i and w800i.

    My only concern is the ease of operating an Sony Phone coz I have always used a Nokia Phone.

    Can you please share your experience on Sony W550i’s ease of operation in terms of software, I think it will be useful for me.

  14. Hi,
    Till now no problems at all.
    Few features which you find in Nokia sets and not in this..

    Things include, this one doenst have option to change radio station from earphone, 2nd I couldnt find option to insert number from phonebook into the message, 3rd typing message is kinda difficult than nokia phones (may be its just me)

    Rest of the things are fine, running smoothly…no problems at all…


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