MSEB Sucks

Yup, they do 101%. Totally unfair to people and they do whatever they want. Their load shading is just pain the a** and the worst part is, it happens only in the areas where people pay bills properly, no load shading for people in other areas, say…south Mumbai.

They used to cut power between 8 AM to 9 AM daily but now it goes from 6.30 AM 7.45 AM and 5.15 PM to 6.30 PM…

What do they think of themselves? Are we f****** thugs? Do we run away and don’t pay the bill? As far as I know Mulund is one of the high MSEB bill payers and still we have to face these kind of problems.

Many people have gone against them but no use, they don’t do anything, the power supply is going to cut in the morning and they can’t help it.

I think now people should start slowing down their meters by using magnets or some other ways …..because if these guys don’t understand us then why the fuck we should care about them….Let them face losses.

No power supply here currently, I am sitting here, typing things in MS Word, can’t surf the net, laptop on my lap…doing nothing…this totally sucks and I am sure government is not at all interested in understanding the problems of people, they just need f****** votes nothing else.


  1. Deep I also stay in Mulund. I totally agree that MSEB sucks. But you know that its POLITICS.

    1. The blackout in the evening (the main business time) is only in the main station area. It is not the case with New Mall that have sprung up in Mulund. This helps in boosting mall culture.

    2. They might be planning that MSEB must get bad name due to load shedding. This will easy the entry of mighty Private Elec. Cos. to enter the Mulund-Thane cirle.

    Overall the problem is that people are too busy with their other probs and dont have or dont care to show mass agitation against such behaviour of MSEB or for that matter of any govt. offices.

    I personally fel that it is the responsibility of our elderly generation who are retired and can find time to protest against such unjustice. Ofcourse senior citizen will get the required help from younger generation, but the have to take initiative as younger generation is way too busy/tired in its daily routine. (pls do not mention how I find time to visit ur website ,lol)

  2. Hi,
    I totally agree with you and your points are 101% valid and I had seen many shopkeepers also going against them but nothing happened…

    This is one of the part of dirty politics that these people play…


  3. Deep, I always wondered how you find time to maintain a blog. Now I know 🙂 In a way I must thank MSEB to give you a power cut. That makes you write some informative blogs 😉

  4. dude, I still think you are lucky!! the electric supply here(jointly operated by Tata & Reliance) sucks more than that & come to think of it, this is the heart of India, the national capital!! 🙄

    and sometimes we have blackouts that would put rural areas like Jharkhand, Chattisgarh etc. to shame!!

    the overall conclusion: the companies here suck whether it be private sector or public sector, they take their customers for granted, since the markets are not as open or competitive like their western counterparts in parts of Europe & US. and this situation is a lot worse in industries where there’s no or less competition, like the electric supply, telecom, broadband. and another thing is that the govt. is dumb, deaf & blind towards consumers. they don’t give a damn if a company is indulging in unfair business practices, they just care about the cut they get from that revenue!!

  5. and to add more, I’d say that there’s no hope for consumers till the markets here go capitalist in the same sense as in US, Europe etc. where “customer is king” is realised to some extent!!

  6. Shwetanshu, not much problem in my area as well, just a stone’s throw from your place, Paschim Vihar!! 🙂

    What I was talking about was that areas that pay a lot in electric bills are usually the ones which suffer the most. Take the case of South Ex., Vasant Kunj, Lajpat Nagar, Green Park, the creame of delhi live there, & they pay a hell of a lot in electricity bills, & they are the ones who suffer most at the hands of both electric & water companies!! 😉

  7. Dear All,

    The electricity scene is a minor part of a major conspiracy. I request you to join yahoogroup JaiHind, InterIIT and Indianthinkers . All of you would get a very good idea of what is happening in our country.

    On Saturday, December 3, 2005, people of Delhi have taken to the streets against the atrocities committed by BSES (REL)

  8. Load shedding sucks! Is it possible for the common person to slap a lawsuit against the government for negligience or for not doing their job properly. I am sure people would like to contribute to this effort.

    It will also be good if we can have some kind of peaceful protest like armbands, just to get our voice heard.

  9. But is anger going to solve the problem?
    Today load shedding is new for us so we are reacting.But after one year we will be used to it as usual.
    local train rush in mumbai we are used to it.Are we not paying enough to it not our right to get atleast comfortable place to sand up in trains.

    its our mentality & so we are living with lots of problem today.
    Actually we are accepting whatever happening around us & not showing full resistence.

    Now its up to us whether we want to live like this way ,new problem everyday or we want to change it.

  10. Look what we need to do is stop paying bills for MSEB. If everyone I mean everyone in Mumbai and Navi mumbai, Thane where there is MSEB should stop paying MSEB bills. Only then they will stop this bull shit abt so-called load shedding. We need to ensure that MSEB incurs losses in crores and not lakhs. I again stress the point that not one or two people should stop paying MSEB bills but everyone only then they will stop this load-shedding. This is what ifeel abt MSEB
    M – MAHA
    S – SUCKS
    B – BOARD

  11. i truly believe that mseb sucks because all this is politics and even i work in callcentre and i work whole night the only time i get to sleep is in the afternoon and there also the power goes off and there is lot of inconvinience because of it .In this generation of where there is a lot of competition it is hard to get a good sleep.I m ready to protest against the harsh steps of mseb and find an solution to this unfair attitude from mseb towards local residents in mulund.

  12. In kalyan MSEB cuts power for 7 to 8 hours.
    What is your reaction .

    Now from Oct 07 2007 they are cutting power daily for 7 to 7.5 Hours.

    Why dont they stop supplying electricity to Tata or relaince (If they are doing so) why we should suffer.

    Why we should suffer to light up other areas in BOMBAY .

  13. Its really horrible. Oneside they call Kalyan as City and there is load shading like village. If they really want to save electricity they must first find out all faulty meters and where ever their wiremans have given double connections and put heavy penalty from them then only the purpose of load shading will solve

  14. They also should give training to their staff as to how to speak to customers. Their staff on duty is found to be so horrible and rude. The telephone nos provided are never answered then how to make the complaints. In spite of load shading there are power cuts as and when they desire and for any duration they want No proper answer is given for power cuts in other than “LOAD SHADING” period

  15. Yesterday was height of Load Shading Morning 9 to 12 and afternoon 3.30 to 11.00 p.m. and again today morning at 6.00 a.m. Wondering in which village we are staying????????? where we are in 2008 or 1008??????????

  16. These f****** guys have disconnected power supply between 2300 and 0200. I am writing this using remaining battery of my laptop.

    Bas***** should be brought to justice. Imagine, it is terrible, hot abd humid. MSEB stinks.

    Citizens should see Rang De Basanti daily.

    Do something to straighten them. F****** guys don’t even lift phones. It is on auto transfer mode.

  17. M – Monday to
    S – Sunday
    E – Electricity
    B – Bandh 🙂
    Thats what MSEB stands for atleast in areas beyond Kalyan

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