Apharan Movie Review

I watched preview show of Apharan today and I must say, the movie is definitely worth watching BUT at the same time it is not as good as Prakash Jha’s other movie Gangajal.

There are no flaws in the movie, the story is also good but it misses the sensational scenes which were there in Gangajal.

The movie is about relationship between politicians & gangsters in Bihar and how gangsters kidnap people in Bihar with full support of police officers & politicians. They have succeeded to show the reality to people, they way gangsters live in jail, the way they keep the police in their pocket. Acting wise everyone was perfect, the movie is filled with strong actors like Ajay Devgan, Nana Patekar,Mukesh Tiwari etc…so it is very difficult to find flaws in the acting.

Few scenes like how gangsters handle their network from jail are really impressive. The scene when Ajay Devgan enters the jail is also really good…(the way all police officers salute him etc..)

So overall the movie was very good and you must watch it in theatre only.

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  1. An amazing script based on real life incidents. Worth the money invested!
    the best thing about the movie was its pace and dialogue delivery (executed by a perfect star cast).
    A must watch for people who love Reality than Masaala.

  2. ajay devgan just rocks in apharan.
    i have no words to say how amazing he was. ajay is the best actor in the world.

  3. A brilliant movie with the brilliant acting.all the cheers should go for ajay…well done ajay.

  4. its been a week since i watched apharan , and the film and ajay’s breath taking performance is still fresh in my mind. ajay deserves another national award for this film.

  5. where as i know Ajay is the best actor and he played a very nice role in Apharan…

  6. I Like AJAY in every role very much bcoz he my fav. Hero .but in apharan he played a glorious role……

  7. Imposing the kind of story that bollywood loves on the crime industry in Bihar. I thought this movie would bring the problems from the grassroots. Categorically, the film failed to:

    1. point to the huge money amassed by government officers, traders who have earned money by looting the farmers in the state, the landlords who have bypassed the land reforms of 1951 and for generations make money by exploiting the peasants. In many cases, apharan targets these people.
    2. fails to provide an insight into the life of perenially poor people with no opportunity available at all instead of someone from middle class family.

    3. the huge caste based discrimination that still upper caste people (specially bhumiars and rajput) wield against lower caste people and exploit them

    I do not know the objective in making the movie, but, if it was giving some clips of Bihar to people in India, it was a success. But, if the movie aim was to provide insights into Bihar problems that has created extortion as the Industry, I would say it failed miserably.

  8. mian ali akbar 30-Apr-2006 at 11:36 pm

    this is the one of the classic movies in the bollywood..i like it very much and the main thing that i impress with the acting of tabrez alam i mean nana patekar…nana is one of the talanted actor and superstar in the indian film industry….nana bhai i m ur biggest fan on the earth………mian ali akbar.chakjamal.jhelum.punjab pakistan

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