Where is Deep???

haha…not much active these days….personal life and business are keeping me busy like anything…Just waiting for few things to setup properly so I can get the things working like earlier and post more 😀 In fact I am not able to even check my tech news site / blog and I am sure people there are going to kill me.. lol


  1. when the goin’ gets tough, have a glass of beer, it helps!(seriously):-)
    Anyway I think there is a bug on your page, whenever i try to click some links on your page or just browse, the google referrals start flashin’. i use firefox v1.0, anduse xandros linux.

  2. Ashwin – which one? I have so many lol 😉

    debasish – I tested it in FF, Opera and IE on windows..things seem to be working fine here…can you show some screenshot or something?

  3. Deep that problem did exist , but some time ago( during the time you were playing with Regulus) . Of late I don’t see that problem.

    Anyways would love to see you in action. I love to read your blog and do check daily. Hope you come back to your original form and start blogging again.

  4. Sure thing, One of the major headache is finished today so I will try to figure out things and will be back in action soon 🙂


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