Rang De Basanti Music Review

A.R.Rahman, when that name comes attached with the music album, the expectations are lot more higher than other music directors. The main reason for this is, the person has many things in his magical bag and tries different things all the time…and in this process you cannot expect everything to be a major hit but yes…that’s how you learn…

In Yuva he tried to mix techno with fresh music and the outcome was very good, very fresh music (of course there are several people who did not like it) then the music of Mangal Pandey released, which was low down for everyone including me; the only good track was Title song..Mangal Mangal…and now he is back again with Rang De Basanti

Now at this time also, like always, people very eagerly waiting for the music…the music in promo was really impressive, fresh music and in fact the music also proves to be same, fresh with lot of new experiment with the music…

But Mr. Rahman forgot that people do not like experiments much…but I personally liked the music..Yeah..I won’t call it as great music but it is decent enough….

He has tried lot of variations in music, mixed Arabic stuff (Khalbali) ,traditional punjabi music (Ik Onkar) to Dance / rocking (NOT rock) music mixed with hindi words (Paathshala)…

Let me go one by one with all the tracks…

Track Listing:

1. Ik Onkar
2. Paathshala
3. Khalbali
4. Paathshala – Be A Rebel
5. Lalkaar
6. Rang De Basanti
7. Tu Bin Bataye
8. Khoon Chala
9. Luka Chuppi
10. Roobaroo

First track Ik Onkar, I won’t call it as a song but it is a music clip with verses from a Sikh prayer, the Mool Mantar (Thanks to Raagish for correcting me) traditional punjabi lyrics…2nd one Paathshala, as mentioned earlier this is a dance track which can be played loud in the cars, discos and is kinda fresh and happening track…3rd one Khalbali, this one is a nice song, you will like this if you love stuff in Buddha Bar…Arabic stuff but very well mixed with hindi lyrics….4th one Paathshala – Be A Rebel, this one can be called as english version of Paathshala, not bad…5th one Lalkaar, this one is kind of motivational song sung by Amir Khan…not much to comment on it since there is not much music in it…6th one, Rang De Basanti, classy…one of the best tracks in the album….lot of Bhangra with touch of Dance music in it…damn good lyrics and nice music….7th one Tu Bin Bataye, nice song..slow song but very well sung and good lyrics…8th one Khoon Chala, slow track with good lyrics but it is not the track which you everyone would like to listen to it…but this one seems to be made for some situation in the movie..9th one Luka Chuppi, starts with track of 70s and great guitar, finally you hear the voice which all music lovers wait for…Lata Mangeshkar…and whatever she sings has to be good….and this one too is a good song…slow track with great music and lyrics…but yeah..not for normal people…music lovers will love it… the last one, 10th song Roobaroo, this one is a different track and nice music…but again I do not think so everyone would like to listen to it….

So overall the album might not do good for the masses but yes if you are music lover like me…then you will like it for sure 🙂 and one more thing, people might love the music once they see the movie….


  1. Hey Guys..
    Nice reviews..Seems like we have lotza ARR fans here..I might top the list!!

    Everyone has covered every bit of RDB nothing much left for me to say..

    To me the best song of the album is Lukka Chuppi. Iisten to this one from your heart and think about your mother(especially if you are living away from her), it makes your eyes moist..very touchy!!

    The rest of the songs are also great..Blaaze blazing away with Paatshaala eng version(you will love more it if you watch the visuals)

    Kalbali is made for masses(end of the day it is “show me the money”)

    Roobaroo is simply outstanding because of its simplicity. Watch out for Rahman’s high pitch notes and say WOW!! (heard saying this is his favourite tarck in one of this post-release interviews.)

    The title tack sounds funny/weird the first time you listen, later you’ll fall in love with this one. Daler is back and Chitra sweet as always(experimentation at its best!!) Khoon Chala is equally good!!

    RDB is a great package and a must buy for all ARR fans!!

  2. hey Tanuj!!

    have you got the album “Water”. Do let me know. Waiting for you reply.

  3. dear Urchin,
    I couldnt get the album till now. bcz i was in training with a very busy schedual and i didnt do much search , i am free now and this saturday i surely get the album.

  4. Tanuj!
    If you get the album on this weekend that is fine other wise do let me know, i will give you the link. Also can i have you contact.


  6. Hello friends,
    This is kranthi from hyd, and u know onething..from last 6yrs we are not buying any cd’s or cassettes other than a.r.rehman’s..His music is amazing and no body is comparable to him..Especially some songs which are unfornately not become popular like ‘Tumho meri nigahomein’ from kabhi na kabhi..and ‘dheemi dheemi’..from 1947 earth..are too nice
    he can compose slow romantic songs..and classical..and fastbeat…and bangra..and kawwali..anything
    hez reallly amazing..
    so frns be proud to be a.r.rehman’s fan

  7. A.R.Rahman is a real genius.Rang De Basanti is a good album.But in my opinion he’s not composing in the same quality now.South-Indians can understand it better.Because they know abt movies like Rythm,Duet etc, which are not popular among the bollywood fans.For them,I m giving a list of a few songs.Listen to them.Then u can understand how superbly he was composing before.
    1)Yeh Haseen Wadiyan(Roja)
    2)Roja Janeman(Roja)
    3)Bharat Humko(Roja)
    4)Tu Hi Re(Bombay)
    5)Ja re Ja(Duniya Dilwalon Ki)
    6)Mustafa Mustafa(Duniya Dilwalon Ki)
    7)Jaana(Duniya Dilwalon Li)
    8)Ek Ladki Thi(Love You Hamesha)
    Last but not the least,is ‘Bombay Theme’.It is just mindblowing.
    There are loads of others.He is not composing in the same style.
    In Rang De Basanti, except ‘tum bin bataye’,no other song is in that style.

  8. u r right sundeep…some of his south indian trancks are really amazing…like anjali anjali from duet…and the songs from the movie ‘kannathil muthamittal’…are too good. He has given quality music in tamil.

  9. Hey kranthi!!! r u a tamil?? i m a telugu and have listened to his songs which were dubbed to telugu from tamil.Pls give some details abt ‘kannathil muthamittal’.Was it dubbed to telugu?Who is the lead actor and actress?Who is the director?

  10. Hey kranthi!!! is it a movie directed by Mani Ratnam,starring Madhavan and Simran, about a little girl.I think it was dubbed to telugu under the name ‘Amruta’.
    If it is so,then u r right.It had great songs.He’s always given special music for Mani Ratnam.

  11. Hi sandeep..yes i m talking about the movie Amrutha..even i m also telugu….but I m very much crazy about tamil music..and Did u listen the songs form the movies Iddaru..they are so much good yar..too melodious..

  12. Rang De Basanti!
    Tim lak laka Dhim Tim Laka Laka Tim rulz!!!!!!!
    A R Rehman is the man,the hero
    best music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. You are right kranthi.iddaru had superb music.I m also mad abt tamil music.i m a huge fan of ilaiyaraaja,rahman,harris jayaraj and the latest sensation yuvan shankar raja.the song of Ram starring Nithin which was recently aired is awesome.

  14. gr8 2 c so many rahman fans i have read all the messages

    did u people saw the recent interview of ranman on cnn
    talk-asia show he was referred to as musician extrodinory
    only music director fromm india n frm entire asia to be called on
    the show

    i heard recently that he 2 composing music for a telugu movie 4 a
    telugu movie 2 be directed by pavan kalyan i wish this news comes true

    n now that d movie has succede a big time the music of the film has also sky rocketed htis doesnt takes awaay any credit frm arr but it 2
    support few people above who have said that after seeing the video people may like it( I MEAN THE MASSRES) the results r clearly vsible 4 everyone 2 c

  15. i think rang de basanti is fantastic. when i buy music i dont see the films name ,but i see the music director. and it wont be an exaggeration to tell that my shelf is full of ar rehmans music. he is a talented guy . you cant compare his music. i feel reviews about his songs are meaningless ! ( that is my feeling ,not necessarily be true ! ) because every track of his has a diifferent melody. songs of mangal pandey ,ofcourse didnt find good market but to be true even they were fantastic ! it had the feel of local indian village. especially that “holi” song and “man vari vari ” were apt with the screenplay ! range de basanti music has added color to the movie and every track including khoon chala was fascinating . and i dont agree that whichever song lata mangeshkar sings HAS to be good ! yes she sings sings GOOD songs .but a horribly mapped song cant sound melodious in her voice ?. luka chupi song is fascinating and any tough viewer is reduced to tears with the melody in it. the ALAP toward s the end only potrays the genius in ar rehman.
    he is simply the best. all songs of his are best . he is not like other music directors who adopts NASAL tones to woo public. he has pure talent .one needs pure talent to understand the feel of his songs and lets see all public hears their inner voice while hearing his songs . such is the petrifying effect of his songs !
    i dont want to prove you wrong. you are rught in your way ,but this is what i feel about the great music director and as an ardent fan i feel that it is meaningless to review his songs . THEY ARE THE BEST !

  16. himesh reshamiya ? does he knowss music ? i dont think so !
    some one in your blog told that ar rehaman doesnt have a good sense of musical arrangement ? he is mentally sick (the one who told this )

  17. Hello friends
    My name is Bilal n I m from Pakistan. I m great fan of Sir A. R. Rehman. I listened almost all songs of him in hindi. First time I listened “Anjali Anjali”. That was Greaattttt. That was Woonndderrful. That was amazing. what can I say even I m unable to know Tamil Language. Dear Brothers I have searched for this song a lot but unable to find. Can any body tell me from which site I can download it. My email is

  18. Hi I am Jashita.I am a gr8 fan of A.R. Rahman.I just love his compositions.Thanx for the review.I will surely get hold of the CD

  19. VIBHU WADHAWAN 30-Mar-2006 at 8:46 pm


  20. Dark Lord of the Sith 08-Apr-2006 at 2:52 am

    hmmmmm…… i guess i disagree with most of u
    i didnt think the album was as great as ppl are making it out be, it just seems overhyped n rather average by the way i didnt think the movie was anythg great either
    the comedy was decent but when the bratpack just decides ya we’re pissed we’re gonna shoot the DM the movie just falls apart…
    but everyone seems to be prasing it cuz its rehman’s music and an aamir khan film.
    It has only 2 decent tracks rang de bsanti (coming from a guy who hates bhangra) n roobaroo (i stopped listening to it after i heard this really awesome version sung at my college fest … get shivers down my spine just thinking about it)
    most of rehman’s music sounds the same to me … with the same beats being repeated over n over again… but i guess thats just my opinion
    but i feel albums like Bluffmaster, Zinda, Kalyug, Zeher have songs that are way better than this one…

  21. Dark Lord of the Sith 08-Apr-2006 at 3:03 am

    i guess i must have pissed a whole bunch of u guys with my last post but hey i’m not trying to piss ppl off or anythg like that its my opinion if u like the music good for you if u dont u dont.
    anyway i guess i have to post this link this is probably one of the worst reviews this movie must have got but its a must read cuz its probably one of the funniest reviews u’ll ever come across

  22. a music director 08-Apr-2006 at 9:26 am

    hi Dark Lord of the Sith

    you are a mad person on loose ! if ar rehman tracks sounds all the same ,.may be you need to go and check yourself with the ENT !

    ar rehman rocks ! and he is the best !!!!!

  23. u really have the music sense..??what do u know about AR rehman..and u saying his beats are funny it was..ARR always try for different. He can compose classic and he can compose beats and he can compose bangra..any kind of music he can compose. As some one said i think u r a MAD person

  24. hi all!!

    I think few of us have taken things very seriously (talking about the reviews of Dark lord of sith). I think we all are forgetting one thing that he told us what he thinks (that might be right or wrong). AR Rehman is a legend but how can you say that a legend always give a great music. And more over, if you have a heart to praise someone you must heard to listen to things which are not with your tune.

    I am not defending or ofending someone but just telling to hear othes call too.

    and in the last, AR Rehman is a human….

  25. hey..dark lord of…,u”ve seriously got some ear problem..better u go chek it out with the doctor.As the saying goes”prevention is better than cure”

  26. Somebody could translate me the song “Khoon Chala”??? I find it very beautiful but I don’t understand the lyrics…


  27. sai prashanthi 27-Apr-2006 at 5:35 pm

    ar rahman rocks i liked naresh iyer’s ROOBAROO.. i was dejected when naresh was rejected from v super singer.. i am a very big fan….. no ac of him i’m very happy that ar gave him a chance i’m naresh’s 1st fan… no ac i hope.. wish i meet him once

  28. hi guys!i simply loved the music of Rang de Basanti.Check out d movie.its as rockin as d music.specially loved paathshala and roobaroo.

  29. hey! have u heard the song ROOBAROOO…. , it was rocking yar , i love all songs of RDB, music was rocking, i saw the film for 20 times ,dont miss it, enjoy the BANGRA ROCK…

  30. Heyyy Guys I think Rehmans Rang De Basanti
    Has Made a New Way For Us
    What An Amazing music Has COme out Once again From Rehmans Studio

    Well Hope D best For Guru Jodha Akbar & London Dreams

  31. it very good to listenthe songsand all the movie i saw it 4 time the movie is verry good excellent, bcoz it really lift the youth sprits

  32. 137. Shalom – 22-Apr-2006

    Somebody could translate me the song “Khoon Chala�??? I find it very beautiful but I don’t understand the lyrics…

    I’ll second this. I’d love to see translated lyrics for Khoon Chala (english please!) I can sing the whole song in Hindi, but don’t speak it so would like to know what i’m sining!

    i’m in the US, and i can agree, AR Rahman is incredible. I just picked up the soundtrack to Swaades, and am trying to find Kisna (it’s hard to get Hindi soundtracks in the US). I also have RDB and the Earth/Fire/Water sountracks. his music may not appeal to the masses, but i love everything i’ve heard. i even pick films to watch based on whether he does the music!

  33. hi
    my elder mr a r rehman
    i like this song very much bcoze u appointed youth singer for this song

  34. good news for ar rehman fans.

    ar rehmans new pop album going to be release soon.

    i think album name ” dont worry brother”

    Producer for this album is “Bharth bala” who produced “Vante Mataram”

    Rehman will definetly reach a milestone in this album.

    i wish him all the best.

    And Rang de basanti review, All songs are super hit for real music lovers.

  35. hi all,
    the liGAND IS COMING AGAIN WITH HIS NEW AND SECOND SOLO ALBUM, DONT WORRY BROTHER… i think it will a great milistone of indian music album market……
    so happy to see 150 comment here and thnks for all …

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