1. Hmm..that does pose a furthur threat to Microsoft ..with all the G-tools, google PCs would hit them where it hurts most!

  2. Actulally I feel they have done a wrong choice by selecting India, because in India broadband connection is not that popular and not all people have 256kbps connection, 2nd thing power problem, still in many areas there is problem of powersupply so again this will create a problem in that…

    But in china, yeah..it may do a good job there..


  3. Well I wouldnt be too sure abt this. If i have to store everything on Google’s sever, can i trust them with my private information such as paswords, credit card info, etc etc. especially when google has a name in scanning user data for promoting advertisements like they do in Gmail!
    How safe can you keep your information? The safest place for your private info is always your own harddisk and not someone else’s.
    Of course, thats what i think……..!

  4. I think people put private data on servers.

    Think for a moment, your credit card information would be on some websites (where you shop), but it would never be on your own pc.

    So where is the trust?

  5. hmm actually I feel there must be some encryption for passwords and other sesitive data for sure..because making somethng as huge as Thin client with OS and software they must have thought of issues like this..

    But what I am worried is, this is a not a good idea to launch it in India because people are not very much used to thing called “Internet” and apart from that net is costly here and speeds are not as good as they should be..

    But yes, in China it can do well…..


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