MSN Messenger or Hitler?

Sucks..this totally MSN Messenger sucks..I have faced this problem earlier too and now again today….My friend transferred mp3 file on the messenger and when I clicked on it…bomb..messenger deleted it…says it has potentially harmful content…what the hell!! How can a virus be in mp3 file…it’s a bloody song…

Too bad…and I couldn’t find option to disable that stupid alert / check also….

So the best way would be…don’t click on the MP3 file after the transfer…go to the folder where it has been downloaded and play it from there…


  1. I for one never used IM softwares for file transfers, it was risky earlier but even now with AV programs scanning the IMs, I don’t bother with it. If any of my friends want to send me anything, they email it, its simple & easy, & uploading takes same time as transfering the file takes!! 🙂

  2. Gupta, what are you basing that on, upload will not go as fast as download if you have an assymetric line (ADSL)…

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