XL ki kudiyan very very smart..

I just got couple of songs from my friend Sushubh, the songs are by a band called bodhiTree from XLRI, Jamshedpur

Great songs; like Sushubh recommends, I will also recommend the song XL Ki Kudiyan and 2nd place takes song called GMD…but this one is not for kids…the person who sings has a great song…I think he should try out in Indian Idol 2… 😉

You can download the songs from here or here


  1. Hey this is a very nice song.. i liked it….GMD is also a wonderful song… i liked the music of it very much hope new more songs are coming by bodhi tree and zeest band like sutta and all

  2. hi..
    can u plz send me all the songs of “XL Ki Kudiyan”…i have heard frm many of then that songs r realy good..plz send me..

  3. hi
    XL Ki Kudiyan song is really awsome
    i hav heared 2day itself in my friends mobile
    i would love 2 have it
    can u giv that song 2 me

  4. BoDhI TrEe RoCkS !!!!! I HavE HeArD All ThErE SoNgS AnD ALL RoCkS. KeeP GoIn GuYs !!!!

  5. hi..

    I heard this song from my frn’s songs collection i really like this song it is nice to listen can u plz send me all the songs of “XL ki kudiya very very smart..”


  6. Your band is just…………. well i dont have word to say. Not just the song(both Xl ki……. & GMD) are fab, but also the music. I really love the music. I have become a fan of you all. And the song GMD which starts with “Kaal se pehle wahi tha………” The starting is just wonderful.

  7. i heard us song ecel ki kudiya its very cool and bindaas.pls send me the song "ecxel ki kuduya " 03-Jul-2008 at 12:48 pm


  8. dear i lik ur song ………..
    its rocking …….
    plzzzzzz send me this song dude………

  9. xl as well as GMD both r awesome yaar. such smooth music alongwith lyrics are really employed wonderfully
    i just love d song

  10. hii…i hve nt heard d song-xl ki kudiya very ver smart but really wanna dis song.plzzz help me n send me any link or site 4m whr i can download dat.

  11. hi there,
    i have listen the song…n it was mind blowing yaar…..keeep giving such songs for

  12. i love this song can anybody give this song to me plzzzzzzzzz my yahoo id is m4yankgupta

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