India – Poor Country?

Many people still believe that India is a poor country and it doesn’t have enough money…I got to know about this when I had posted a thread on neowin regarding google PC news…I saw some of the replies as “cheap computer is good for poor countries like India”…

I did not argue much there since I did not want the topic to become off topic…I saw one of the posters from India also reflecting the same views…I do not understand why these people do not go beyond small villages? I agree there are many villages which are poor but that’s certainly not India..that is part of the India….and it does not make whole country poor….

If India was poor then you would not have found Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, IBM, Infosys, Wipro and many other big companies here….I won’t call India as rich but it can be definitely called as Developing country…poor countries are the ones who do not have money for food or are totally in debt…but these people fail to understand that and couple of visits to india or less information about the country makes them arrive at decision of calling India as poor country…

So the ones who think India is poor country needs to clear their basics first….


  1. Hey ther deep,

    I too used to be very angry with these kinda headlines untill a couple of years ago. But to be frank they are not to be blamed. As an expat living in the US, i realized tht we have a lot to work on ( when i say “a lot” …..i really mean it) to be anywhere near a developing country.This wld hurt any true Indian…..believe me this realization hit me hard than anything in my life did…i still spend a lot of time thinking abt this.

    When our leaders say tht India is going to be a developed country by 2020, most of them don’t know wht they are talking abt. They have no clue abt it; abt the path tht the country needs to take.

    We have a potential to be an economic superpower, tht is for sure…we truly are on the way of being one, but being a developed country in the true sense we are a long shot away.

    Villages hold the key for this. Ignoring them, as we are doing now, isn’t really a gud way of becoming a developed country. Developement in a handful of cities isn’t wht it takes to be a superpower.

  2. Hi,
    Yup I agree that we lack in many other things and these corrupt politicians and government officials are making it very difficult in the progress of India but still I would not call it as a “poor” country….

    It might take long time for India to become super power…it will take more more than 20 years from now but it will and I am sure those guys will take their words back…

    The thinking of word “poor” is somewhere related to outsourcing…people in US think that if Indians can do the work at cheap rate then it means that they were begging for money and do not have they do work at very slow rate…but they do not understand that the living standards are different in both the countries…cost of living is high there and its pretty low there so things are very much cheaper here…

    and that’s what they fail to understand…and come up with decisions like “poor” country…as a true Indian…it seriously hurts me someone calling my country as “poor”

    But like you said…it will more than 20 years and I hope it includes the villages and small towns too… 🙂


  3. The thinking of word “poor� is somewhere related to outsourcing

    I agree with you. I had seen a forum dedicated to outsourcing. The view about India there was not so good either.
    Let me digg up the url

  4. Ya deep…i do share the same pain as you do.

    But of late i’ve realized tht as a true patriot u need to take in critcisim into u’re stride ( how misplaced it might be) and move on. Getting emotional doesn’t always work and we need to look at the picture as it is.

    Anyways…let keep our hopes floating….

  5. Perhaps,the people do not want to change their way of looking at things.The following two things will clear up the facts:
    1.India is the one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
    2.India gets the highest FDI even above USA.

  6. To get some facts right…

    – India’s Foreign reserves are more than 146 bn US $ which might stand in the top 5 reserves in the world. China has around 450 bn US $ and it’s not a poor country as well.
    – Once British media went gaga and there was a lot of fuss over India’s double figure GDP growth. They were surprised as how a poor country which was once a colony of their rule, do so well..

    The above statement solely may be back the statement that India may not be “poor” even if it may not paint a rosy picture for a selected few people who may be living in “rich” countries.

    Time and again we have to remind ourselfs that India is a price sensitive market.. So that might bring in the perception that we are a “poor” country.

    I do not understand why these people do not go beyond small villages? I agree there are many villages which are poor but that’s certainly not India..that is part of the India….and it does not make whole country poor….

    That’s because India’s a big country and more than 70% of the population are rural and semi-urban. Your last point, sums the overall picture.

  7. “I agree there are many villages which are poor but that’s certainly not India”

    Well………..I tend to disagree!
    India leaves in villages!

    “that’s certainly not India” What india UR talking are few pockets where there is a lot of money…..But rest of the places (most of the places) are poor & very Poor!

  8. yeah ashis is right….once i go out of bangalore….even the outskirts…they seem to be so much in trouble….financially…and i’am talking about places just a little out of bangalore. just imagine the places which are nowhere near the major cities. i had gone to one such place. we stayed there for about 2-3 days. one day at night there was a power cut and we couldnt see a thing…even outside the house. it was pitch dark both inside and outside. experience of a lifetime i must say….

  9. Hey All,

    Nice discussion. Truely speaking “A Good Bahas” among Aaj Ki New Generation. Keep It Up Yaar.

    Point is that nothing Big happen, Until starting from small ones and then adding up and adding up and turn into a Huge one. “Rome was not built into a day.” It’s been not a very long time that Indian people get involved in this ‘Race.’ Even then we are showing our presence to the world.

    It’s actauaaly doesn’t matter where we are, what we are doing is Important.

  10. After seeing the Russia and now the certinity of USA economy, we should not believe in super power i guess. One thing i belive is india might not become rich country but all indian might become rich down the line. Because we know how to save the money by making black and escaping tax.


  11. 2.5 under 5 DIEING every year / more than 300 MILLION malnourished kids if thats not poor what is WAKE UP INDIANS

  12. Felt so bad and ashamed day by day here the Europeans teasing about India. India
    Poor country. Some of the channels r telecasting bad documentary about India. Because of the Slum dogs millionaire film , shows to them a big example about our country. Stupid Film industry they were much happy with there Oscar award.
    According to Europeans India a poor country, dirty and terrific traffics. What can i answer about these things. Felt ashame about my Bharat. People say Mera Baharat Mahan. We Indians have to do something. Please dear Indians wake up do something..
    Open ur eyes….

  13. Hi All,
    I am new to this website looked at interesting opinions about India being a developed nation and would like to present my view about India. It is definitely one of the largest economies in the world no doubt about it, coming to question weather India is rich or poor I would say it is some where in middle of both and distribution of wealth in our country is another story( don’t want to go it). India has enormous resources to use however our population looks more than what we got despite all these we are progressing well in improving our economic progress, living standards and literacy rate. I want to leave this topic with humble request have no more than 1 0r 2 children to save the country and planet resources.

  14. In 2009, India’s nominal GDP stood at US$1.243 trillion, which makes it the eleventh-largest economy in the world.[118] If PPP is taken into account, India’s economy is the fourth largest in the world at US$3.561 trillion,[119] corresponding to a per capita income of US$3,100.[120] The country ranks 139th in nominal GDP per capita and 128th in GDP per capita at PPP.[118] With an average annual GDP growth rate of 5.8% for the past two decades, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.[

  15. so many pople and so many country does’nt like inden goverment.Cause poor politics and dirty lider.

  16. This was an incident with me..i had been to switzerland with my dad ….we just went shopping in zurich. and my dad saw a rolex watch showroom and went to buy a watch….the lady in that showroom was obviously a dad just asked ” y dont we find many rolex showrooms in india”? she said u will find some , but dad asked y? she said “INDIA IS A POOR COUNTRY, MANY PPL CANT AFFORD TO BUY SUCH HIGH QUALITY WATCHES”…i just couldnt bear her words…y is india a poor isnt..!!

  17. yyy India is not a poor country . India is very very very rich country with lot of black money

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