Indian Idol 2

Are they trying to be tooooooo sweet? I am currently watching Indian Idol 2 on Sony, all female contestants in the show…and I do not know what’s wrong with these guys…they are being just too sweet and telling every contestant that they are good…(even if some are not that good)…

I noticed this in 2 incidents…one was some girl in green dress (I think she was the one who was kinda shouting “bahot garib ghar se aayi hu” few episodes back) 2nd one was the girl who doesn’t stop saying “Jai Mata di”..

Some how Anu Malik couldn’t stop his bullsh** shayeris on every girl..and they sucked big time…even other guys were giving compliments like “WOW! You have completely changed…” (even though there was not REAL drastic change in the girl’s look…except the dress and some makeup), “WOW! you sing so well, you will be on top xx of Indian Idol” and specially they were trying to give more weightage to the girl who was so called “garib” (poor)…..

I do not understand why these guys give more importance to people who are not financially well…it’s a singing competition…the one who sings well, wins…the same thing had happened earlier with Ravindra Ravi…too much of importance and in the end kind of insult…I really hate it when these guys put someone on top..give more importance and in the end balloon bursts like hell…

But I guess its part of strategy to increase TRP ratings and attract more people.. 🙁


  1. bathroom singer 11-May-2006 at 6:48 pm

    For all Debojit fans out there :

    Sa Re Ga Ma Pa winner Debojit Saha has come out with his debut album

    Debojit Saha may have been elusive on the music scene after winning the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge. But now he has launched his debut music album titled Debojit.

    Call it narcissism or what you will. However with this, Saha steps into the big bad world of Indipop music. Excerpts from an interview:

    What is Debojit all about?

    It is basically a romantic album. There are four songs written by Sameer and composed by Biddu. Then there’s one composed by Ismail Durbar, which I sang during the finals of the India Ki Voice contest and another one by Mehboob. The album also has remixes like ‘Ek haseena thi…’, ‘O hum dum…’ which people liked during Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge and the theme song which we finalists sang together.

    What else are you doing these days?

    Well, I just got back from US where I did shows with Saif Ali Khan, Sushmita Sen, Preity Zinta and Celina Jaitley. In June I will tour US, UK and Canada and perform in about 25 shows. But presently I have some shows lined up here in Assam. Besides, I also sang for Bappi Lahiri for Cabaret and sang a song with Vineet for Himesh Reshammiya. Talks are also on with Mukesh Bhatt who will give me a chance to work with Pritam.

    Do you think too much importance is being given to makeover and performance rather than singing these days?

    See, if you are performing for yourself, these things are not necessary. But when you have to perform in public, you have to shine as a complete performer.

    At what age did you start singing?

    I started singing when I was ten. But it was only later in life that music became my vocation in life. Initially I didn’t have any formal training. But on the advice of senior musicians, I started learning classical music from Deepak Bhattacharya and Amarendra Chakraborty in Silchar.

    What was life like before Sa Re Ga Ma Pa?

    During my school and college days, I performed on stage. I was also a regular radio and TV artiste. But my mother always wanted me to become a good singer. After her death, I quit my job and came to Mumbai.

    In Bollywood nothing is permanent. What do you say about that?

    So far, luck has been on my side…

    Any unfulfilled dream?

    Right now I don’t have any. I got more than I expected. I am happy that I fulfilled my mother’s dream. And yes, I will prove myself in the industry.

  2. bathroom singer 11-May-2006 at 6:51 pm

    …and now for some news on the 1st Indian Idol:

    The country’s first Indian Idol, Abhijeet Sawant’s maiden Bollywood outing, lies unheard.

    In May last year, Abhijeet recorded a track for a film to be produced by Oracle Entertainment, the producers of this week’s release, Tom Dick And Harry.

    Sawant had rendered the track at Krishna Studios, Andheri. It was a solo number, Chand Jaisi Ladki.

    He was also slated to sing a duet with Shreya Ghosal. In an interview last May, Abhijeet said, “This was the first film offer that came my way.� Producer Surendra Bhatia and director Deepak Tijori were also present at the recording.

    Says Bhatia, “Yes, we had recorded a track with Abhijeet Sawant last year. But we decided to keep that song for another Oracle Entertainment project, titled De De Pyar De. This film, also directed by Deepak Tijori, is on hold for the moment. It has music scored by Sanjeev-Darshan.�

    It is learnt that De De Pyar De was how initially Tom Dick and Harry was conceived. As work progressed on the film, the script was altered, and the set-up changed.

    Admits Tijori, “We began the project as De De Pyar De. Later, the script was modified, and the whole production became a new project, which we titled Tom Dick and Harry.�

    Incidentally, as De De Pyar De, the film’s music composers were Sanjeev-Darshan, but when it became Tom Dick and Harry, Himesh Reshammiya was chosen to score the music.

    “But Abhijeet’s song is our property, and can be used for any Oracle project in the future,� adds Tijori. Oracle Productions’ earlier film was Fun � Can Be Dangerous Sometimes.

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  4. Hi,
    Sorry guys, I had to delete old comments, my server was acting bad becasue of too many comments and I had to face downtime because of that…

    So to avoid it, i had to delete old comments….


  5. hi sandeep first ilke you so much and your so great you r my love i love you i like you voice you are so smart ane beauty i love you
    i likw abhijeet sawant voice and your’s you to are my fav idol and i like your styles………
    yeah teri cha bhi kiya teri arzoo bhi kiya
    humaray jism main yeah doorata lahoo bhi kiya
    hai jis kay dihyaan main har lamha khoowab ka alam
    mily kahin tu karay us say guftagoo bhi kiya
    taray khayaal ki kahusboo taray jamal ka rang
    humaray dassat main lakin yeah rang bhi kiya
    yeah tarpati rait yeah piyasi zameen
    kisi kay payaar say mehki hooi namo bhi kiya
    just for you sandeep…………….

  6. HI friends h r u my favourite singer in indian idol2 was sandeep which win that cometition no dout in it that karunye have a very good voice quality but idion idol depends on all things voice surr sangeet kala n also look both the finalist were very good in singing but sandeep win for his look thanks

  7. Simra…why do u think Amey Date and karunya will give u their email ids? wats so special about u??? and do u think they have no life but chatting around? i dont think so. so get a life and do best on ur other works.

  8. hi i’m inshirah. n i’m an ardent fan f sandeep. u rock sandeep! ur voice n personality were totally outta dis wrld. loved every song u sang live n ur new look realy suits u great! i’m a sri lankan n let me tel u dis…u’ve got a hell of a lot f fan here. wud love if u wud come over n perform for us. we wud take n make necesary arrangements! let me knw abt it if u r interested. tke cre. n all the very best in ur singing carreer n in all walks f life!

  9. hi sandeep! dis is inshirah. i’m an ardent fan f urs. i really liked ur perfomance on stage, ur voice n ur personality really rocks! wud love to see u perform herei n SRI LANKA cos blive me sandeep, u’ve got a hell of a lot f fans who r dying to se u perform. all necessary arrangements will b dne from this end. just lemme knw yeah. pls do mail me. wud like to get to knw u more i’m a singer maself, but in small scale. wud like to learn tips from u. pls do reply soon.
    tke cre. all da very best in ur singing carreer n in all walks f life!

  10. you id iotic sandeep r u trying to hide from reality? you mad,donkey,jerk,blah blah blah and whatever the losing words in the world just like you! i think you’re the GREATEST LOSER till day!
    i can’t just imagine you- mr.buddhu kahika to be the winner of prestigious indian idol . if you think i’m being too harsh, you deserve what you’ve done to karunya! these north indians will never change. if they, it will be an indian revolution! any you SET tv guys where are the messages that are not in favour of sandeep in the official web site of indian idol? it is a question to all the indians……..can’t we remove regional imbalances!? did any south indian win any competition conducted nation wide? it has always been you you and you north indian people!

  11. hey sandeep! tumhare ganno ki video aai gi bhi ya nahi jaldi batao ya koi sandeep ka fan hi batai k sandeep ke ganno ki video kab ai gi kabse intazar kar rahi hoon

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