Is our government run by kids?

The way government is banning things makes me wonder that is our government really run by kids? Many people from India must be aware of the stupid bans and rules they always try to pass and many times they succeed too…

First they started banning sale of tobacco in Mumbai (or may be Maharashtra) which according to them was a good step to stop people from consuming tobacco but I have no idea why they didn’t even care to think that no one is going to stop…tobacco is freely available at most of the panwallahs. So instead of banning the production of tobacco, they banned the sales, which does not lead to anything.

Then they banned smoking in public places which was a very good decision and many people appreciated it but what after that? Nothing…people still smoke in public one is there to stop them… even if any police officer sees you smoking…he won’t do anything….so the impact of the rule? Nothing…total crap

Then the government aimed at Indian Film Industry…sudden ban on smoking of cigarettes in the movies…the reason? It will impact the minds of young children and government thinks that it’s not good to smoke in movies so it should be banned…I will call this as one of the foolish bans till now…after protests from Film wallahs the ban has been lifted….

Now today I just read that government has added one more feather in the exhibition of their foolishness. They have banned telecast of movies with certificate U/A. The article in Hindustan Times by Ashok Pandit (Page 11, HT – Mumbai Edition, Dated – 27th Dec 2005) provoked me to write this and I will echo his views on the foolish decision of banning movies with U/A certificate.

Like in earlier rule, government thinks that movies with U/A certificate may affect the mind of young children but they forgot that there is a button called “Switch Off” in every TV set and which parents can push any time…

I have no idea what government wants to prove by passing such foolish rules…I am sure kids can pass some better rules than these….These guys call this as democracy but I won’t call it democracy in any manner because this is just like 5 people on the top decide what is good and what is bad for people and they do whatever they want…that too without asking people…

Like Mr. Pandit says…â€Â?If there is anything that needs to be banned – because it is harmful to young impressionable minds – it should be telecast of Parliament and Assembly proceedings….â€Â? where our so called netas fight like dogs and cats….and we still vote for them…..


  1. its headache they ban whatever and whenever they feel hell we vote for idiots and see the ban means many good films wont be aired wat the hell they want to prove with this

  2. It’s good that they have banned Tobbaco sales (but trust me, It’s available freely) and lottery things in TN.

    Ok comming to the ban on Movies, TV shows, channels which air porn (or even soft porn) with R, A or U/A ratings.. I think it’s debatable. Malaysia has banned all movies with such adult contents. Same is case with many Muslim states like UAE, Pakistan, etc..

    I just saw the movie :”The 40 Year old Virgin“, it’s *THE* best comedy movie I have seen, but it’s R rated with some adult scenes.. these movies wont be released in India.. it’s India’s loss that these masterpiece movies are not released. But then we are conservative to nut shell. Remember Kushboo, Suhasini, Sania mirza were targeted just to air their views on premarital sex?

    Like in earlier rule, government thinks that movies with U/A certificate may affect the mind of young children but they forgot that there is a button called “Switch Off� in every TV set and which parents can push any time…

    Lol.. what if the kids are alone? And most of the ppl now have more than one TV sets in their home. There are a hell lot of movies with PG (leave alone PG -13) with have some “mature” scenes which are not suitable for “young minds”, have you ever seen a parent switching off the TV set?

    But whatever, Where there is a will, there is a way.
    So if I am hell bend on watching a porno or R rated movie, I can d/l or ask my friend to do the honours or rent it.. but baning these kinds of stuffs is in the right direction, atleast the govt wont be held responsible..

    Remember there was a PIL at Madras High Court at the time DD 2 was launched. Why? It aired a lot of film based content.

    What will you say if : Cell phones are banned in college campus (inc. hostels), dress code of women and men, girls dont talk to boys, separate staircase for girls and boys? Will you call the admistration run my infants?

    It’s not right to say that India is “run by kids”.. just because you dont like some “policies” of the state.

  3. Actually it’s not about only 1 thing its about many decision taken by government which are just stupid and does not make any sense to local public..

    So they should really sit and think before passing these kind of stupid rules…


  4. i cant agree with u ashwin. India is really run by idiots if a parent doesnt care wat the kids are doing then if he/she watches porn or U/A doesnt matter at all. These restrictions should be imposed by parents rather than goverment. And i guess cellphones have been banned in many colleges in Chennai and many places. Dress code is important as i guess if u dont see girls clothing nowadays u wont know how bad they are. And when the authorities cross the limits at that time we can surely say that the Authoritative positions are held by idiots

  5. Hmm..
    the govt does the right thing abt banning the “bad/evil” things. Now the onus is with the parents to prevent their offsprings from getting spoilt. Now we can’t expect all the parents to keep a hawk like vigil over what they watch, can they? Nowadays both the parents work. It’s not possible dude. I’ll say it’s right to ban the adult based contents on TV. But I don’t care, as I dont watch them 😛

    About the dress codes, I was talking about the “modern/western” outfits that girls prefer over salwars/sarees. I was not talking abt bikinis.

  6. Well I must say they are not doing the right thing because they do not have the right to do things like without concern of public but with their powers they don’t even care to ban it…

    By banning telecast of movies with U/A certificates won’t lead to anything…by banning adult movies on TV won’t lead to anything…local cable guys still show it…in fact in my cities cable guys have different channel for porn and they charge some xxx amount for that…

    Kids can rent the VCD or DVDs from video library and watch porn…

    If government really wanted to ban bad things then there are many other bad things in India which needs to be taken care of…

    The statement on corruption in India by K Narayan Murthy was very impressive and must read… I could not find it online but it is there in today’s HT Mumbai Edition.


  7. The point is.. now the onus lies with the parents, it’s their responsibility to make sure that their kids are safe. Govt. are out of picture now. Thats why they might have banned it.

    lol.. just file a PIL at Bombay High court that you want to watch U/A movies on TV and they have banned it. All the courts inc. apex court will squash the petition.

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