So we are not allowed to romance in Public?

This is what our government thinks, if you are holding hands of your girl friend in public, getting cozy with her in some corner or sitting with her alone…you are doing a sin and you will be hanged for that…

I was reading about operation Majnu in HT…it is so disgusting that our government or police are considering people as puppets and asking them what to do and what not to…and if they fail…you will be punished…

The same problem is faced by youth in every city, let it be Mumbai, Delhi or any city…these guys just don’t want couples to sit alone and spend some time together…

I seriously don’t understand what government is trying to explain by doing these kind of stupid things…if 2 people are sitting alone holding their hands or say getting close then what’s wrong in that? Are they harming anyone? Are they doing anything bad?

Government should give more importance to things like nabbing the corrupt people and thieves rather than harassing people who vote for them…I am definitely not gonna vote for these fools….


  1. crap…disz really crap…n feel like slap these bas***** 72 ties or something’ 😀 hehe btw i wz in yday evening near powai lake when i realised a similar case happened. it wz somethin’ 2 am n they gotta move after the security guards asked them to move 😀 they didnt’ ask me dat way u knw, the way they ashed the “puppets”… anyways…an unusual entry u knw…somethin’ apart from technology…

    we’d certainly like to hear more stuffs like this on the fascination destination 😀

  2. The meerut incident was a total nonsense, it is a pure harrasment in the name of preventing eve-teasing. The videos are quite disgusting and I felt like kickin the hell out of those policemen. But this type of incident is not uncommon such incidents also happened in Kolkata(where I live) but not of that scale.
    God save love!

  3. Now whoever disagreed with u on the topic that goverment is run by kids should agree. I had once seen police harassing a married couple for the same matter coz they were sitting on holding each others hand. When an uncle(really old) saw them he realized they lived in his society and told the police that they were really a married couple to which the police acted like wat the hell and they left

  4. My sympathies are with you Deep and all other couples. I have had my share of courting before I got married and was caught by a cop near Navy Nagar. 😆

    We were simply talking sitting in my car at about 5pm with all windows open and were not even holding hands. That was even before she said yes to me. The cop wanted our addresses and telephone numbers 🙁 Even after lot of requests when he still wanted our contact info, I gave mine and faked her 😈 So this nuisance is going on since pretty long time and is not new. Its only now that they are more public about it.

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