1. Dear all ,
    its nice to know so many people appreciate Malgudi days,it reminds me of my childhood days in Malleswaram………well i think it is one of the most original art pieces in indian television.
    I was wondering if the imagination of the word Mal gudi came from Malleswaram and Basavangudi ie mal+Gudi=Malgudi………????…..any body shares any light in it?
    well again many thanks for raising the topic of malgudi days………will sure try to buy the episodes when i come to India this time around.
    May be it is not long before a Malgudi club will raise…….well hopefully.

  2. Hi folks
    Its great to see this bustling Malgudi days forum here !! I am based in Singapore, and was pleasantly surprised when I spoke to a few school children here (chinese) when they said that they were dying to get their hands on the malgudi days vcd. apparently, rk narayan’s books are part of the literature curriculm for schools here !
    any luck for you guys to get your hands on the vcd/dvd’s ?

  3. Malgudi Days DVD (13 episodes – English Version) and Stumble (English Movie) are available at our stores in Bangalore.

    Visit the below address:

    Total Kannada Dot Com
    Lakshmi Venkateshwara Arcade,
    (Opp. Pai Vijay Hall)
    11th Main, 33rd Cross,
    Jayanagar 4th Block,
    Bangalore 560011
    Phone: 9448884373, 080-41460325

  4. just wanted to drop in a be a part of this lovely fan club of the best serial ever made, Malgudi Days….

    the whole thing is so sincere…love it…cant wait to get my hands on the DVD’s….does anyone own it yet? how is the quality? are there any ‘making of’ sections…


  5. Was it shot originally in English? I have the DVD’s now but half the fun is lost with English 🙁

    Is there a hindi version DVD available?

  6. Jitendra Madhav 04-Mar-2007 at 10:48 pm

    Taa na naa, na na na na naaaa
    Taa na naa, na na na na naaaa…

    Taa na naa, na na na na naaaa
    Taa na naa, na na na na naaaa…

    Taa na naa, na na na na naaaa
    Taa na naa, na na na na naaaa…

    Taa na naa, na na na na naaaa
    Taa na naa, na na na na naaaa…

  7. Jitendra Madhav 04-Mar-2007 at 10:50 pm

    Deepali, the link is working, you just have to remove the dot(.) appearing at the end of the link.

  8. hi guys,

    can anybody help me with the notes of the title song of malgudi days… i am learning flute and would love to play it.

    thank you

  9. Hi, Is there anybody who can give me the flute notes of Malgudi days tune, i am crazy about this and as i am a carnatic flautist, i would like to learn this tune.

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