So MTNL.. how do we send feedback?

I went to MTNL Mumbai site and was looking around for Feedback link…after spending couple of minutes here and there…I found the link as well as email..

I decided to email them rather than using complaint form…I wrote an email to them regarding suggestion about their Triband services…but as expected the email bounced back because that account was over quota…

So then last option was to fill the form on their site…so I just pasted whole mail there…but guess what? They have set limit of 300 characters in the message box…so that is also gone…so indirectly this means that they are not ready to read long mails…haha

I just filled that form with brief idea about what I meant to say and submitted it…and good part worked fine this time 🙂 (I was expecting some perl errors… 😉 )


  1. Accepting feedback is the most important thing in web world. Many good sites do put in help us improve link in footer of every page for easy access and showing signs that they are eager to improve for maximum customer satisfaction.

    Email bouncing back from MTNL , that is really bad. I guess we then just need to give them a hint if this is a case use gmail .. lol

  2. I wrote an email to them regarding suggestion about their Triband services…but as expected the email bounced back because that account was over quota…

    and they are supposed to be an ISP providing similar service for a fee to people!! what an irony!! 🙄
    this will really do wonders for their PR & Marketing if as an ISP their email accounts get over quota & bounce all emails!! 😉

  3. Hmm… Seems that in the age of E-Mails they want you to contact them by snail-mail… 😉

    No wonder you guys suffer… You r under MTNL na… We BSNL guys (esp. chennai) have no worries… 😀

    Get a board and start protesting… Make ’em merge with BSNL!!!

  4. Its no point they merge with any one. It wont help. The problem is there staffs who are not at all Tech Savy ( I am quoting for New Delhi North). I have applied for MTNL broadband and shock to know the person they sent to me was not at all fit for doing the same.

    He tried 3 times and then his senior person came to install the brodband in my machine. These guys keep on telling me to change the machine and still MTNL is not working in my machine. lol

  5. Now the good part day after sending the suggestion…a person from MTNL called me to ask if there is any problems with the net…

    So this means…they are hearing our complaints from the site but they don’t read it 🙁 coz I had sent them suggestion not complaint


  6. Shrirang S. Joshi 08-Jan-2006 at 11:48 am

    Hi I got the triband recently. It works fine. My advice to all is go for a lan card. I was intially using triband with usb port but it sucks. Now I have got a lan card and it works gr8. Investing Rs. 250-300 in lan card is really worth.
    Another advantage is if u have a lan card u can easily configure triband in linux.

  7. however, normal browsing and stuff is generally fine. i use skype

    pretty often to talk to my sister in london.. Theres one more odd thing

    been happening recently..Its really almost insane! say for instance,

    i’m using MSN messenger, chatting with someone. I decide to check my

    mail. so i open internet explorer, and i get the “Page Cannot be

    displayed� error. i think, maybe i’ve lost my connection or something,

    but there beeps my messenger to tell my that ive got a message. I try

    another website, yet again the same error, but the chats working fine.

    Infact, apart from the chat, NOTHING else is working. Similar scenario

    would be when im browsing. i notice that all the links on ONE specific

    page im using work, but if i open another window, its the same as

    above. What the bloody hell is going on here???????

    The problem i m facing is that my internet connection doesnt work

    properly at night or even in the evering.

    After surfing of 10min of webpoages i get an errror saying Cannot load.

    I literally have to disconnect the line and then get reconnect the line

    in order for everything to work fine.

    I am using the sam router dude i.e. UT Star 300RU like.

    And one more thing BEWARE OF MTNL NU Plan USERS.

    I always track my dl and ul usage with my Net Meter. And it always

    shows me correct fig. It wil show u more but never less.

    Today i downloaded 20mb of data and then i cross checked my data usage

    on and i got surprised and found that my usage for

    the day is 60mb. Where the bal 40mb gone.

    My netmeter is showing 20 and it surpassed that 20mb limit.

    MTNL are cheaters and thers no doubt about it atall.

    One more thing i wuld like to know is that whats the use of MTNL

    username and password?

    What if i try to use someones else username and password ??/
    Will my account remain unafected???
    If yes then surely i wud like to get someones username and password for

    that reason. Please help

    And yes 1 more thing the response time for loading a webpage is very

    low in UT router

    For Night Unlimited Plan, please ensure to switch off MTNL modem at the

    beginning and end of NU period …… What if i dont disconnect the

    line at the end of the Nu Plan? Will i get free data dl as i hav still

    nt disconnected my line yet?

    If yes then its great and i will continue surfing and will never

    disconnect my line evr.

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