18 month old raped in Mumbai

Disgusting….how can a person rape a girl who is not even 2 years old…just disgusting….I got to know about it when I was reading yesterday’s mid-day..

In a shocking incident, a youth allegedly kidnapped a one-and-half-year-old girl and later raped her near Sion railway station in Mumbai late last night, police sources said today.

Mohammed Moin Khan, who is absconding, allegedly kidnapped the infant who was sleeping with her mother on the roadside at 12.30 am, and later raped her. The 24-year-old then took the victim to his house.

When his parents inquired about the girl, he could not give any satisfactory reply after which they handed over her to the Dharavi police, they said.

These kind of people should hanged because this is worse than killing someone….


  1. Is it ok to rape a 2yr old. Whether a 18month old or 18yr old, rape is a rape..
    since the law is not strict and issuing a death sentence immediately rape incidents are still continuing..

  2. kris, Deep’s post may sound like that, but I don’t think he approves rape of an adult/grown up woman! He is trying to comdemn rape and means that the action is all the more worse because here the victim is so young that she doesn’t even understand what’s happening to her! 🙁


    There is only one fit punishment for rapists – *CASTRATION* 👿 Let the bastard understand how does it feel when your dignity is attacked. A rape is more of an attack on a female’s psyche then on her body, especially in countries like India where virginity before marriage and morality are more important than one’s life and where the victim is treated like a culprit and the culprit at times bosts of his “manly” act 👿

  3. Now tell me are those arab tribes who give castration as punishment wrong?

    Its a fit punishment that keeps the ppl away from such acts.

  4. Hi kris,

    Like Ashish said…First thing Rape itself is the worst thing and people doing such things should be hanged but in India it won’t be possible to hang the guys who have raped adult person but raping infant or minor should be hanged or given the worst punishment in the world, so these kind of bastards will think 100 times before committing such kind of act..on this one I totally agree with the comments by Ramesh…


  5. well, on the topic of whether a person should be hanged or not, I think that the death penalty should be kept only for very extreme cases if it should be kept. Incidents like rape etc., well, many a times you may find that the woman was faking it since its so easy to trap a man like that in the clutches of law as law & the society tend to be blind in favour of women and a word from them against a man is enough to bring down all fury on that man who might be innocent. so incase of a man hanged for rape & if its later found out that he was innocent afterall, then would the law be able to compensate for that man’s life??

    just think about this, I’m not in favour of rapes or rapists, but looking at both sides of the coin is always better than looking at just one side. and its a truth that women some are finding this favouritism by law as a weapon they can use against the opposite sex.

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