The era of chain mails

Forward this email to 10 people and you will find your real love next day….forward this email to 25 people and you will be saved from curse of Sai Baba….forward this email to 20 people and you will get Nokia 6230 for free…

This is what I am getting many times these days…the shocking part is…I am getting these kind of stupid mails from the ones who are well educated and aware of latest technology….

I do not understand why people have so much afraid….Why they don’t understand if they don’t forward the email with God’s picture then nothing is going to happen…but if God himself reads that chain mail then he will surely give these fools good punishment…haha

Why they do not understand that Nokia won’t give a single penny if they forward Nokia email to 20 people

God please giving some punishment to these fools….


  1. ya deep.. even i get those mails..but as u know ppl believe tht thrs one natural power that take care of everything.. some ppl believe its god.. some ppl believe its money and etc…
    so even if an educated person get this mail.. and he is a god believer he will for sure fwd that mail to other 10 or 20 ppl.. even if he dosent have that many id’s he will copy ids from other friends address book.. so it depents on ppl wht they think ..
    one of my friend .. very superstitious .. she mails these craps to me.. hehe.. she has done BA and is working in an airlines.. wht do u think now… 🙂

  2. It sucks !! One of my good friend always send to me, he is so good that if I ask him why, he send multiple mails to all my ID’s 🙁 A true Delhi guy..

    This is called mail spams. These people send mails like this to create hype about themselves. Some god fearing people distribute it fearing “something will happen” 🙁 it creates a chain of foolishness.

    Just like an MLM its can be called a pyramid mail spam..

  3. Jai Mata Di! Forward this blog link in 15 minutes of seeing this comment for increase in your google AdSense revenue.

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  4. The ugly part is all the mail ids r gained n targeted spam from next on……so i give instructions to my frns not to fwd any fwds 😉

  5. This is more irritating than spam, because it’s from people you cannot blacklist on your spam filters !

    yeah & people forward these mails to many ids at once, making all of them visible to everyone who gets them, increasing chances of spam!! I for one firmly tell my friends that if they send this kind of junk to me(be it jokes or something) with my email address visible, I’ll blacklist them, I don’t care, I’m tired of spam!! So I don’t get any of this crap & if any of my friends send some joke mails etc. to me, they put my mail address in BCC field making it invisible to everyone!! 🙂

  6. Im 10 and i get really scared by chain mail because they say if you dont ssend this to 15 people this person they will haunt you.. I dont know if i should belive tehm or not im so scared!

  7. Sally, you do not need to worry about those mails as those fake mails. YOu cannot really do anything if the mails hasn’t been forwarded to xx number of people. So just relax and don’t worry 🙂

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